Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 167

Chapter 167:

A nurse came over, and before entering the ward, he smoked the stench out again, "It's so stinky, it's so stinky!"

Fang Xinxin didnt have time to question how the hospital takes care of the patients. The nurse took the lead and screamed, "At last there is someone in Ward 35. Its Long Yifans family! Hurry up and pay. The patient already owes two people. For many months of medical expenses, the hospital does not open a shantang. It would be nice not to throw him on the street!"

"Didn't Fang Group pay your hospital for medical care on time every month?"

"Which Fang's group? Why don't I know." The nurse posted a medical bill on the door, "Look, I'm here to deliver the bill again. The bill drawers I sent before are full and no one pays. Our dean ordered the ward. This ward is too smelly and is often complained by patients next door. If Long Yifans family members still dont pay the bill, they have to throw him on the street!"

"How long has Long Yifan's family come to visit?"

"In the past three years, there has been no family member who visited the patient except you. I have never asked you, who are you from Long Yifan?"

No one in Fang's family came to visit! Fang Xinxin was so angry that she wanted to kill, but her heart was cold, "I am his daughter."

"Then pay the money quickly!"

"I'll go right away." Fang Xinxin said angrily, "Hurry up and call the nurse to clean up and the doctor to come over and treat my dad!"

"You pay the fee first." The nurse was afraid that she would fall behind.

Without saying anything, Fang Xinxin immediately turned around and went to the payment window to pay the fee, and deposited half a million yuan in medical funds.

And check the father's medical payment records.

It turned out that the medical and nursing expenses of his father for the past three years were all deposited in advance by his elder brother Fang Shaohua three years ago.

After more than two months ago, the eldest brother's pre-deposited money ran out, and the hospital only gave his father basic oxygen and nutrient solutions to maintain his life.

The nurses in the hospital are all outsourced nurses.

Without the nursing fee, the nursing staff refused to take care of the father. As a result, the father had no one to care about his feces and urine, all on his body, and his body was rotten with maggots.

Had it not been for these two months, the hospital had sent nurses to clean up a few times, I guess the people would have been gone.

Fang Xinxin's tears kept falling.

"Xinxin, don't worry about your dad's affairs. Mom helped you take care of it, a couple of decades. How could mom treat him badly? I paid enough for your dad's medical care fees! You, you cant make money, so just use Bai Qinghaos nice words to let him give Fangs more project funds..."

Mother's words are still in my ears.

She really thought that her mother had been taking care of her father. She didn't expect that in the past three years, she would never come to see her every time she was ill, and her father's medical care fees had not paid a dime!

Fang Xinxin was a student herself and had no money before.

For the sake of her father, she did often say good things about the Fang family in front of Bai Qinghao, and her mother took the opportunity to get Bai Qinghao's huge sum of more than one billion yuan.

Over the years, my mother, Man Xue, and my second uncle Long Shuhai have spent so much.

The mother could still pay the Bai family's money because his father had run the Fang Group for many years, and the funds in the account were also calculated on the basis of hundreds of millions.

Now Fang has no money in his financial account. In other words, all the money his mother has squandered over the years has been earned by his father before.

Fang Xinxin hurried back to Ward No. 35, only to see that the doctor was already helping her father to diagnose and treat.