Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 168

Chapter 168:

She saw Zhang Jingting, attending physician, on the title of the little brooch on the doctor's chest.

"Doctor Zhang, how is my dad?" Fang Xinxin asked anxiously.

"He has serious bedsores and can be treated. However, several places on his legs are severely decomposed, and the carrion needs to be surgically removed immediately, otherwise his life will be in danger!" Zhang Jingting, about 40 years old, looked serious.

"Can the operation save my life?" Fang Xinxin's heart tightened.

Forget the days, the previous life, ten days later, my father passed away.

"Immediate operation, life should be no problem." Zhang Jingting replied.

Fang Xinxin said without hesitation, "Then arrange surgery immediately."

"Long Yifan's body is too...dirty now. Someone needs to clean him up before the operation can be performed to avoid surgical infection."

Fang Xinxin listened, without saying anything, and began to help her father undress, fetch water from the basin, and help him clean up his excrement and urine. "Doctor, please help me call two nurses. Someone can help me faster."

Zhang Jingting was a little embarrassed. "He is so dirty. Our hospital nurses are outsourced. They don't necessarily follow the hospital's instructions. I'm afraid the nurses are unwilling..."

"Call one temporary nurse, ten times the salary."

"Arrange it now." Zhang Jingting knew that she had not only settled the outstanding accounts, but also deposited 500,000 in the hospital account, so she was not afraid that she would have no money to pay.

After taking out her mobile phone and making a call, she said, "The nurse will be here soon."

Zhang Jingting couldnt bear to see Long Yifans body smelling like this, "Miss Long, in fact, Long Yifans state, even though he owes fees, the hospital also considered performing surgery for him first. Do it so as not to endanger life. In the column of Long Yifans family, only his wife Fang Lilan and his son Fang Shaohua are registered. I have personally called Ms. Fang Lilan several times, and Ms. Fang Lilan said that he doesnt care about Long Yifan. There is no need for our hospital to be troublesome, not to pay the bill, or even to block the call from the hospital. As for Mr. Fang Shaohuas phone, we cant get through at all. We cant contact Long Yifans other family members, and we dont dare to give him without the familys signature. Surgery, otherwise something happens and the hospital can't take responsibility."

Fang Xinxin didnt blame others either, "Im only responsible for being careless and failing to do my daughters duties. My mother is ruthless whether my dad lied to me and said that he took good care of my dad. My elder brother Fang Shaohua has been in jail for almost three years. Naturally, the phone number is unreachable."

"Your mother is really cruel." Zhang Jingting said with emotion.

Fang Xinxin's nose is very sore, and she has the urge to cry.

Not because of the mother's cruelty, but because of the heartache that the father suffered.

She vowed to take care of her father in the future!

Ten times the salary, the caregiver came soon.

Under Fang Xinxin and the nurse's cleaning, Long Yifan's body was quickly cleaned up, moved to another single iron bed pushed by the nurse, and hurriedly pushed into the operating room.

Fang Xinxin sat worryingly on the bench outside the operating room, feeling nervous and anxious.

From childhood to adulthood, her father loved and cared for her extremely.

Father often said that she was his lifeblood and loved her so much.

Before the age of eleven, her mother also loved her. After the age of eleven, she felt that her mother had changed more and more.

Every time I tell my father that my mother is not doing a good job, my father tells her that he can't say that the mother is not.

The mother always provokes that her father doesn't like her, so the relationship between her and her father slowly becomes rusty.

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