Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 170

Chapter 170:

She didn't want to cry in front of anyone.

She was cowardly and incompetent in her previous life, and in this life, she must have changed herself.

Bai Qinghao hugged her pitifully and comforted her, "Everything is over, I promise, uncle will be fine."

"Bai Qinghao..." She touched her small face against his sturdy shoulder, "I am such an unfilial girl, you don't blame me."

"Fool..." He gently patted her back, his tone filled with pity, "You are just a student, beyond your ability. How can I blame you? It's too late to hurt you."

She said dullly, "I have settled the hospitalization fee owed by my father, and I have paid half a million in advance on the hospital account."

"Yeah." He asked casually, but there was a bit of condensation in the air, "Where did the money come from?"

Originally, it was inconvenient to ask this question. Depending on the situation, it is impossible for the Fang family to give her money, and she would not ask the Fang family for it.

If Bai Chenxi gave her the money, then...

She must not be able to bear the consequences of betraying him!

Fang Xinxin knew that he suspected that she might take Bai Chenxi's money, "I won 85 million in the lottery a few days ago."

She had never trusted him before.

Don't expect someone like him to completely trust her at once, and she will eliminate the seeds of doubt little by little.

Taking out his mobile phone, Fang Xinxin clicked on one of the short videos, which contained a stack of winning lottery numbers, "Look. This is the lottery I played before."

A hint of surprise flashed across Bai Qinghao's stern face, "I won such a big prize."

"Because you are my lucky star." An elegant smile bloomed on the corner of her lips, and she stared at him deeply, "Before buying the lottery ticket, I had a dream. In the dream, you tell me which numbers I should buy. I After waking up, I bought the photo, and as a result, I won the jackpot."

His heart was a little surging, she actually dreamed of him!

Eighty-five million may be a big number that others will not earn in a lifetime, but to him, it is not worth mentioning.

He was happy that he was in her dream.

"Yeah." He nodded slightly, happily in his heart, but on the outside, he was unhappy. "In the future, I will dream of me more often."

She blinked, "The thinking after falling asleep, I can't be the master again. How can I say that I can dream?"

Why did his focus go to her dream? Shouldn't you doubt why she won such a big prize?

She didn't want to say about resurrecting her life, that...too painful.

But think about it and win a big prize.

In the eyes of others, there is nothing but luck.

"Think about me more every day." He said coldly, but Junyi's face was hard to hide and gentle, "Thinking about me falling asleep will increase the chance of dreaming about me."

Fang Xinxin asked, "Will you miss me before going to bed?"

His eyes were as deep as the sea, staring at her quietly without answering.

I don't want her to worry, and I can't tell her that he often suffers from insomnia and sleeps very little, even if he is extremely sleepy, he cannot sleep.

Only when you keep thinking about her and thinking about her, you are so sleepy that you can take a nap.

"Why don't you speak?" She wondered.

"Sometimes." He picked an insensitive statement.

A small smile wafted from the corners of her lips, rippling his heart like water waves, "Just think of me."

She likes his thoughts. This discovery made the corners of his thin lips evoke a pleasant arc.

The entire corridor was under martial law, and guards lined up neatly on the left and right sides of the corridor.