Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 175

Chapter 175:

Eat less and exercise more every day.

After running, she went to the bathroom of the hospital to wash her face with cold water. She contacted the lawyer and took a taxi to the prison together with the lawyer.


Fang Xinxin waited anxiously in the prison room, in front of the long stone platform, across the glass wall on the long platform.

Lawyer Li Shaohong stood by.

After a while, Fang Shaohua came over under the leadership of prison guards.

Fang Shaohua wears a prison uniform, has a long figure, is handsome, and has a shaved head. He who was originally sunny and energetic has been replaced by a group of dullness.

At the corner of his mouth, there was a black green hung, and gauze was stuck on the corner of his forehead.

Fang Xinxin burst into tears when he saw him appear.

The eldest brother has lost a lot of weight and is lifeless.

She knew that poor eldest brother was bullied a lot in prison!

"Big Brother!" Fang Xinxin got up in a chair excitedly.

When Fang Shaohua saw her, his ashen face flashed in astonishment, and then excited emotions came to his eyes, "Sanmei!"

Through the glass, I couldn't hear what the other person said, but from the shape of the mouth, I could distinguish each other's words.

Fang Xinxin lay down in front of the glass wall, holding both hands on the glass, trying to hug her brother.

Fang Shaohua did the same action as her, and wanted to hug Xinxin, no matter what.

Inside one wall, one outside.

Far away!

Seeing the tears on Xinxin's face, Fang Shaohua felt distressed, and kept saying, "Sister, don't cry...Don't cry."

His third sister never shed tears.

She could shed tears for him, God knows how touched and guilty he is!

Fang Xinxin loves Fang Shaohua, who has treated her more closely than her brother since she was little.

Excited for a while, Fang Xinxin saw the worried look of her elder brother and raised her hand to wipe tears.

She looked at the phone on the long table on both sides of the glass wall, and took the lead in picking up the phone.

Fang Shaohua also sat down, across the glass wall, picked up the microphone, the gentle but suppressed male voice came through the microphone, "Sanmei...you are fat."

"Big brother, you are thin."

She also spoke at the same time.

When she heard her elder brother say that she was fat, she chuckled and eased the sadness.

"Brother, what's the matter with the injuries on the corners of your mouth and forehead?" Fang Xinxin asked aloud.

"It's nothing." He said flatly. "It's just that I accidentally quarreled with the inmate in the same dormitory and had a fight. Minor injury, it's okay."

"I've checked. Pan Dalong, your inmate in the dormitory, always bullies you." Fang Xinxin's eyes burned with anger, "Don't worry, he doesn't dare."

"Why would you check this?" Fang Shaohua showed a helpless expression, "Big brother is incompetent, which makes you worried."

"You are my brother, you should be worried about you."

Fang Shaohua looked at her abnormally fat figure, "Three years ago, you weren't so fat, how did you get so fat? Also, the acne on your face seems to be getting worse...not normal. "

Big brother is a good eye. Her fat and acne-prone face were all caused by Fang Manxue's hands and feet behind her back. Fang Xinxin didn't want to say it, lest the eldest brother in prison worry, "I will get better, don't worry."

Fang Shaohua said worriedly, "Sanmei, where do you live now? Fang's family is abnormal, so you should go to Bai Qinghao to live."

The eldest brother has been imprisoned for three years, so he felt the strangeness of the Fang family three years ago.

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