Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 176

Chapter 176:

"I live in Fang's house now." Fang Xinxin couldn't promise him, but she didn't want to lie to him, "I have a sense of measure, you don't have to worry."

"Xinxin, you still go to Bai Qinghao..."

"A lot of things, I can only figure it out if I stay in the Fang family. Brother, you only feel that the Fang family is not right, but there is no specific evidence, right?" Otherwise, he must have told her now.

Fang Shaohua nodded helplessly, knowing that although Xinxin has a soft temper, no one can stop what she really decides, "Then you should be careful."

"I will."

Fang Shaohua seemed to think of something, and said anxiously, "Xinxin, have you seen your dad? Before I went to jail, I paid him a medical bill in advance. Counting the time, I guess it ran out more than two months ago. I don't know mom. Did you help him pay another money?"

"She didn't." Fang Xinxin didn't want his father's current situation to worry him, "Brother, don't worry, I have already paid for my father's medical expenses."

"It's expensive, where did you get the money..." Fang Shaohua was worried. He was in prison, but could do nothing.

"It's okay, I have a lot of money." Fang Xinxin blinked at him playfully, trying to ease the heavy atmosphere, "Secretly tell you, I won the lottery ticket and won 85 million."

"Really!" His face was condensed, "It won't be Bai Qinghao's giving you..."

"No, it's not." She shook her head quickly, "It's really my luck that I won the lottery."

"That's good, brother is happy for you." Fang Shaohua finally had a smile on the corner of his lips.

"Brother, you know, the Fang family doesnt know exactly where the problem is. Ordinary hospitals are not that safe. I let my father live in the Jiaya Hospital under the Shengshi Group. Bai Qinghao also sent two guards to protect his father. Safety."

Fang Shaohua hesitated and nodded, "...It's okay. Although our father's affairs trouble Bai Qinghao, as long as his father is safe."

"Yes." Fang Xinxin said, "Brother, you should pay attention to your body inside, eat well, sleep well, and don't let people bully..."

Fang Shaohua looked at her caring expression, a gleam of light appeared on her lifeless handsome face, "Xinxin..."


"You believe me, don't you?" Fang Shaohua was excited all over, "You believe that I was wronged, I didn't do that to that woman!"

In Fang Xinxin's impression, the eldest brother Fang Shaohua is sunny and handsome, confident and optimistic, but lacks interest in talking about girlfriends.

She had asked her elder brother several times, what kind of sister-in-law was going to find?

The eldest brother always smiled and said that someone had chosen in his heart, but it was unrequited love, maybe he would be single for a lifetime.

She also encouraged her eldest brother to confess, but the eldest brother said that someone had a counterpart, and he should not be a third party.

She asked the eldest brother if he had ever been to a prostitute. She ate his painless chestnut.

"Remember, your brother, I am a good man with a clean body!" What I said a few years ago is still in my ears.

How could such a good man go...

The victim Sun Fangfang accused her elder brother Fang Shaohua of qiang, jian and violence, which not only beat her all over her body, but also caused her to lose her fertility.

Moreover, the victim was only a month away from reaching the age of 18. He was underage at the time of the crime and should be severely sentenced.

The eldest brother Fang Shaohua was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Fang Xinxin from the previous life has only seen him once since his eldest brother went to jail.