Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Fight In Prison

Pan Dalong often bullies Fang Shaohua.

He took his original lower bunk, and if he encountered delicious food, he would often grab his food and beat him whenever he was upset.

This kid always looks like a dead father and mother. He can't fight back or scold him.

Over time, all prisoners like to beat him out.

Anyway, if he beat up the kid surnamed Fang, he wouldn't even scream in pain.

Originally thought that no matter how Fang Shaohua fell, he would not resist.

Unexpectedly, before Pan Dalong's words were finished, Fang Shaohua rushed forward, fiercely holding his fist and punching Pan Dalong's face, his fist was as hard as a stone, and Pan Dalong thought that his face was sunken in pain.

"Hmm! Lao Tzu's fairy gossip is something you can say? You don't have a mouth like this, I won't shed your ten teeth today!" Fang Shaohua roared like crazy, waving his fists at Pan Dalong one after another.

Pan Dalong fights fiercely, everyone is afraid of him. Moreover, he accepted several younger brothers in prison, all obeyed his command, and he has always been the overlord in prison.

How can anyone stand against him?

Pan Dalong also yelled violently, "Call me Lao Tzu in front of your uncle, see uncle, I won't take off your hands and feet today!"

Reaching out his elbow to block Fang Shaohua's fist, he raised his leg and kicked over. He originally thought that Fang Shaohua would be kicked, but he avoided flexibly and cut back with a backhand. Pan Dalong almost broke his wrist.

Pan Dalong felt that the situation was wrong, when did the kid surnamed Fang have such good skills?

Suddenly remembered that no one had ever seen his skill.

I thought this guy was an egg, how many things happened!

"1527, 1528, what are you doing in a daze? Help!" Pan Dalong snapped at the two inmates in the same dormitory.

These two inmates in the same dormitory are the younger brothers he accepted.

"Yes!" 1527 and 1528 both responded and rushed over.

Fang Shaohua has never fought back after being in prison for so long, and he was bullied because she thought Fang Xinxin didn't believe him. Three years ago, she didn't come here except for one visit to the prison.

His heart was ashamed, so he didn't care about being beaten or scolded.

Now, Xinxin tells him that he absolutely trusts him.

Before Xinxin left, he felt sorry for the injuries he had been hit on his face and forehead.

He never went against her will.

There is no reason to let others bully!

Fang Shaohua used to go to the black market to fight for extra money, so he developed a good skill. It is no problem to defeat Pan Dalong. It is difficult to fight two more people with good skill at the same time.

Unexpectedly, 1527 and 1528 were not against Fang Shaohua at all, but to help beat Pan Dalong.

"You are crazy, why did you beat me up!" Pan Dalong was beaten up by the three of them.

Smart as Fang Shaohua, thinking that Xinxin said before that he would not be bullied in jail again, he immediately made clear that 1527 and 1528 were bought by Fang Xinxin.

These people in prison have no money to make things unfair.

"Make your mouth cheap, make your mouth cheap!" Fang Shaohua could not tolerate anyone insulting Fang Xinxin with indecent words. He held Pan Dalong's back collar with one hand, and punched Pan Dalong's mouth with one fist and one fist.

And Fang Shaohua's fist cracked and bleeding from hitting the opponent's teeth. He didn't seem to know the pain, so he beat Pan Dalong's mouth full of blood and lost his teeth alive.

The people in the cell next door gathered around and watched unknowingly. Seeing Fang Shaohua's madness, all of them dropped their jaws in surprise.