Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 182

Chapter 182:

Fortunately, those who had never bullied him, and those who had bullied him secretly squeezed a cold sweat, fearing that he would retaliate.

This is the way in this world, especially in prisons, absolutely bullying and fearing hardship.

Pan Dalong vomited a mouth of blood mixed with teeth and vomited to the ground.

The prisoner who had a good deed outside the iron fence counted the blood fangs in the same place. "Just now Fang Shaohua said that Pan Dalong's ten teeth were to be destroyed, only eight, which is two."

Fang Shaohua shook his fist again, and Pan Dalong knelt on the ground, wailing vaguely, "Master, please forgive me!"

"It's useless to beg for mercy. I have always said good things." Fang Shaohua snorted coldly, "I said that I would let you lose ten teeth, not a half!"

Pan Dalong crossed the mouth of the crossbow, and quickly spurted out two teeth, "enough to count...enough to count."

Fang Shaohua, who has always been weak in the communication, screamed, "Will your mouth be cheap in the future?"

"Don't dare, don't dare..." Pan Dalong waved his hand quickly, flattering vaguely, "The one who visited your prison is a fairy... the sacred fairy..."

A sharp whistle sounded, and two prison guards rushed over, "No fights are allowed. All prisoners squat down and hold their heads with their hands."

People in prison have to bow their heads.

Fang Shaohua could only do as he heard.

Pan Dalong said angrily, "I've been beaten up, you guys only appeared..."

Fang Shaohua understood that the prison was also bought by Fang Xinxin.

Otherwise, this one is so dynamic, it can't appear so late.

"Whoever picks up the matter first, put it in confinement!" one of the prison guards asked.

Pan Dalong pointed to Fang Shaohua, "He moved his hand first!"

1527 and 1528 pointed to Pan Dalong at the same time, "He."

Pan Dalong became angry, "You two eat something inside and out!"

"We didn't take you anything." 1527 sarcastically said.

"Pan Dalong, go to the confinement room." The prison guard ordered.

Pan Dalong vomited the blood out of his mouth, his speech was clear, but his words leaked, "It was obviously Fang Shaohua's first move. I want to accuse you of partiality!"

"Both witnesses can prove that you acted first." The prison guard didn't care.

"There are still so many people who can prove that Fang Shaohua hit me first..." Pan Dalong stretched out his finger to the prisoner who had watched the excitement before.

"We didn't see anything." Everyone has nothing to do with them.

"Pan Dalong, if you are not convinced, go to jin and gun!" The prison guard yelled resignedly.

Pan Dalong understood the situation and went to Fang Shaohua's side. In order not to suffer more, he had to follow him in confinement.

Another prison guard said to Fang Shaohua, "1529, pack the bedding and come with me!"

Watched by a group of inmates, Fang Shaohua held his bedding with both hands and followed behind the guards to a separate prison house with only one bunk, toilet, shower, and a small window at the top of the wall.

The door is no longer an iron fence, but an iron gate in the middle of the gray stone wall, which cannot be entered from the outside.

The sun was shining in through the small window, illuminating the darkness of the room warmly.

As soon as he entered the door, the prison guard patted Fang Shaohua on the shoulder, "According to the instructions above, take good care of you. From now on, this will be your dormitory."

There was still sunlight coming in in the dark cell, the cell facing south. Fang Shaohua took a look at the new "house", which is like a single room with a guard, which is many times better than the previous six-person room.

He knew that Fang Xinxin had arranged the good treatment now, but he was not happy.

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