Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Needle In A Haystack

Fang Xinxin does have the ability to remember.

I don't feel surprised at his carefulness, otherwise how would he be the second in command of the black owl?

The portraits in the computer were successfully compared, and a data sheet with a photo of them popped up on the screen. Wang Liangping, male, 26 years old, height 1.75 meters, weight 130 kg, unemployed, XX city...

"It's him." Fang Xinxin confirmed again.

Aaron retrieved Wang Liangping's whereabouts records, "He has been living in the imperial capital in the past, unfortunately, he just left the country three days ago and went to Malaysia. There is no record of his return."

She frowned. Was it a coincidence, or did the people who made Wang Liangping expect that she might reverse the case for Fang Shaohua, and deliberately transferred him away?

She said directly, "Make a price, you get him back."

This organization has its own set of fees and pricing for everything it does, and it never bargains.

"Otherwise, you don't need me to do anything else for you?" Aaron raised an eyebrow.

"No need." As long as the person is caught, she has a way to get Wang Liangping to confess who is behind the scenes who harmed Fang Shaohua.

"The last place where Wang Liangping lost his whereabouts was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It takes some time to leave the country to find people and find a needle in a haystack."

Fang Xinxin left the tracing funds and contact information, came out of the black owl organization joint, and went to Mingda Law Firm.

Sure enough, I saw what the eldest brother said, another notarized document signed by the father and the eldest brother before the accident. The content was that after the eldest brother became the chairman of the Fang Group, half of the profits earned by Fang belonged to her Fang Xinxin. Take half, and Tang Ruo's eldest brother repents, and the Fang clan is directly inherited by her Fang Xinxin.

As the adopted son of the Fang family, the eldest brother has half of the Fang group.

The second sister, Manxue, is also the father's biological daughter, and his mother is the one that his father has loved all his life. Why didn't his father share the Fang Group to them?

My father's love for his mother is as deep as the sea. There is no other explanation, but my father has noticed something wrong between the two.

Think of a scene in my memory when I was young.

"Xinxin, you are my dad's favorite daughter!" At that time, his father was still young, and he lifted the young girl high, and kissed her lovingly on the cheek.

When she was young, she asked ignorantly, "Dad, don't you love the eldest brother and the second sister?"

"Love." The father kissed her little face again, "But your father's favorite child is you. In his heart, you are irreplaceable."

"But I obviously heard you tell mom that you love her the most..."

"Stupid boy." The father laughed and stroked her little head, "Daddy's love for you is not the same as that for your mother."

"Why is it different..."

"I'll know when you grow up."

Fang Xinxin recovered from memory.

When she grew up, she really knew why her father loved her the most.

The eldest brother Fang Shaohua is an adopted son, not the blood of the Fang family. And the second sister Fang Manxue... life experience is also suspicious.

Not to mention that Fang Manxue targeted her everywhere. In the past three years, Fang Manxue has never seen her father. Is this like her own daughter?

There is also Fang Lilan who is obviously problematic...

Fang Xinxin suddenly felt cold all over, Fang Lilan must not have a problem, no!

Thinking of the consequences of Fang Lilan's problems... Fang Xinxin almost couldn't help but burst into tears.

Maybe things are not that bad?

The top priority is to get the eldest brother out of the prison first.