Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 188

Chapter 188:

"When I was singing and drinking in the box, everything was pretty normal. However, Fang Shaohua didn't sing, and Wang Youhui asked him a few times to call a little **** the stage, but he refused. Although Fang Shaohua did not spoil the box for fun, it was obvious Wang Youhui is not the same as Wang Youhui, so he looks very serious. Wang Youhui also told me that Fang Shaohua is a gentleman, not only drinking well, drinking well, good wine, and never called a lady when going to entertainment venues. And...Fang Shaohua is still a virgin ."

Sun Fangfang took a puff of cigarette, and a curling smoke ring came out of his nose, "You know, people who work in our business are sometimes superstitious, thinking that when bad luck, the last virgin can be transported. I'm actually in the box. I hinted to Fang Shaohua several times. Come and take a look at my appearance..."

Shrugged his chest, "Looking at my figure, how many men are greedy, ordinary men have long been fascinated by me. I have all hinted that Fang Shaohua did not want money to do it with him, and he was unmoved. I thought he Pretending to be serious, when Huang Xuean was not paying attention, he wanted to touch Fang Shaohua's body and rub him a little oil. But when he came across his clothes, his wrists were pinched by him, that powerful way, and fierce and unpleasant eyes, At that time, I was frightened. He pinched my wrist in a circle on the spot, showing how ruthless I was."

"The thing I don't need most is a man. It doesn't matter if Fang Shaohua is a handsome guy. If it weren't for his virginity, I wouldn't have any interest in posting."

Her eyes fell into memories, "I came out of the box after singing and drinking that night. Wang Youhui and Fang Shaohua, and I went back separately. During that time, I booked a room No. 416 in Fuchun Hotel. I went back to the hotel. In the room, I collapsed on the bed drunk and fell asleep in a daze. I dont know how long it took. I felt someone was picking up my clothes, pinching me vigorously, or even attacking me with a hard object. I opened my mouth in pain. I closed my eyes and saw Fang Shaohua sitting on the bed."

Her expression became agitated, "I asked him what he wanted to do! My lower body was in severe pain and passed out. The next morning, when I woke up, I was naked and painful, and Fang Shaohua didn't wear it. The clothes were pressing on me. I was almost suffocated by him. I realized the abnormal sharp pain in my lower body, so I called the police."

Sun Fangfang gritted her teeth in anger, "You said Fang Shaohua is a perverted man? The old lady hooked him up and gave him away for nothing, but he refused. Turning around, he used violence against me! If only that aspect of violence, it would count as paying me some money. Yes. He was so perverted that I lost my fertility!"

The unfinished cigarette in his hand was squeezed out in the ashtray, "Xinxin, right? As a woman, you said yourself, if you can't be a mother in your life, and you will never be able to give birth to children, you will be angry. Angry, hate or hate? Not to mention that Fang Shaohua has only been in jail for twelve years. I have a murderous heart!"

Fang Xinxin listened quietly and raised doubts, "You also said that if you take the initiative to hook up Fang Shaohua, he will not be tempted. Maybe it is not him who hurt you?"

"Why isn't it him?" Sun Fangfang snorted coldly, "I have never seen any man in this industry? Some men just don't like women taking the initiative, they like violence and perverts. Other men, the more serious they look, I dont know how much sorrow is behind it! Maybe Fang Shaohua is this kind of man of inconsistency!"