Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 190

Chapter 190:

"It should be someone holding my brother's body, hiding behind my brother, and deliberately letting you see him. You two woke up in the morning naked, also to push the charge on my brother. As for the sperm of my brother in your body... "

He pondered for a while, "Isn't my brother getting a needle as soon as he walked in? The person who designed him used drugs to make him unconscious, jing, and use a syringe to collect and inject it into your body. It is not difficult to operate."

Upon hearing this, Sun Fangfang opened a bottle of red wine, poured a full glass, raised his head, and slurped the red wine in the goblet and drank it clean.

She poured another two full glasses and handed one of them to Fang Xinxin, "Drink?"

Fang Xinxin picked up the cup and followed her directly, suffocating the wine in the cup.

Sun Fangfang glanced at her. Although her face was full of ugly acne, her movements were very elegant, "The daughters of big families drink more wine than us."

Fang Xinxin did not explain her situation in the Fang family.

After all, everyone has a difficult book to read.

The melodious bar music is misty and misty, and the deck is very clear, but relatively quiet.

After being silent for a while, Sun Fangfang spoke again, "Actually, after the incident, Jin side checked the surveillance. In the three days before the incident, no outsiders had entered my room except for the waitress who cleaned the room. And I told goodbye before. When the man sleeps, other men open a separate room."

"The dossier shows that the surveillance within three days has been checked, but the surveillance content three days ago was lost. Do you think the loss of surveillance is a coincidence?" Fang Xinxin sighed, "I really want to design my brother and put you in the trap to let people advance Hide in your room for three days, bring basic dry food, and hide under the bed. It is not difficult to commit crimes when the time comes."

Sun Fangfang smoked another cigarette fiercely and had to admit, "There is indeed something suspicious."

Fang Xinxin stared at her, and suddenly said, "I know you have been hurt a lot. You just have to retract your confession and say that the man you saw that night is not my brother, and that the sperm in your ti is a voluntary relationship between you and my brother. My brother can explain it without guilt. To make up for you, the price is up to you."

Although the facts of the case cannot be revealed for the time being, this is the fastest way for eldest brother to be innocent.

Sun Fangfang laughed, grinning bitterly, and extremely angry, "Your family is going to take money to kill people! Using money to make up for it, can you make up for my hope of having a biological child? No. Yes, I love money. .But not everything can be solved with money! For three years, I have been living in the dust, I have earned a house, a luxury car, and I dont lack anything, but I force a smile every day, life is better than death. In the future, I will not One of my own children gave it to me."

Suddenly she pleaded, "Miss Fang San, I know that your second sister Fang Manxue is Bai Qinghao's fiance. Bai Qinghao is powerful, and if he intervenes, your eldest brother will be fine. I beg your Fang family not to Use power to suppress people. Money...Money..."

She took all the 40,000 yuan she had collected from her bag and put it on the tea table. Tears flowed from her eyes and wet her gorgeous makeup, "I dont want the 40,000 yuan. Return it to you." Pointing to the red wine set on the table, "The red wine set of 20,000 yuan, I will check out and I won't kill you. I'm not afraid of Fang family. After all, I have been mixed for a few years and I know many rich and powerful. But Bai Home, I am really scared."