Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 191

Chapter 191:

"My abuse and lost fertility cannot be in vain. If your brother is really wronged, come up with hard evidence to reverse the case. If not, I beg you, keep the whole thing fair and don't bully me, a vulnerable victim. I believe that what your brother wants is true innocence, rather than intimidating me as a victim of the apparent freedom, privately but forever carrying a crime."

Sun Fangfang knew that he couldn't compete, he moved with emotion, and he knew with reason.

"Okay. I will find substantial evidence." Fang Xinxin is not a totally unscrupulous person.

Since Sun Fangfang begged so much, she could only wait for the black owl group silk to find the thief Wang Liangping and break through there.

"Since 40,000 yuan has been given to you, take it." Fang Xinxin stood up and took 20,000 yuan from her bag and put it on the tea table. "The 20,000 yuan is for the wine set menu. You are working part-time. Its a fan method after all to be a wine consignment, and its still too late to stop, or you will go in sooner or later."

Fang Xinxin just walked out of the deck and stopped again, "In addition, Bai Qinghao's fiancee is not Fang Manxue, it is me."

No need to turn around, you can feel Sun Fangfang's surprised eyes behind him.

"A lot of things in this world are not what you see." Fang Xinxin's figure has left the bar after leaving this ambiguous sentence.

Not what you see...

Sun Fangfang tasted this sentence and was stunned in the deck.

Thinking: Could the murderer really not be Fang Shaohua?


Fang Xinxin returned to Fang's house and entered the lobby of the villa. She was bombarded by Fang Lilan, "Xinxin, where are you dead girl? You dare not return overnight!"

"I went to see my dad. I stayed overnight in front of my dad's bed." Her cold gaze fell on Fang Lilan's charming face, "You should explain to me why I have never paid my dad for three years. Divide medical expenses!"

Fang Lilan makes sense, "Didn't your elder brother Fang Shaohua pay? Why should I pay more."

She went to the hospital three years ago to refund the prepayment Fang Shaohua gave to Long Yifan. Since it was transferred from Fang Shaohuas account, the money will be returned to the original account if the refund is made, and she will not be able to enter her hands. Otherwise, she would have paid the money long ago. Take it out.

Fang Xinxin sternly, "Then you can not visit my dad for three years?"

"Isn't I busy?" Fang Lilan said with a compelling expression, "After your father and your brother have had an accident, the Fang family will want me to support them, so I can't find time."

"Yes, I can't spare a time to visit the patient in three years..."

Fang Lilan raised her eyebrows with displeasure, "How can you talk to me in a frantic tone? I'm your mother!"

"Are you?"

"Of course I am." Fang Lilan said with a calm expression, "You were born in my tenth month of pregnancy." Then he showed a guilty expression, "Xinxin, I won't go to see your dad, I know you are angry with your mother. But... you dont want to think about it. Your dad is a vegetable. Even if I go to see it, what good is it."

"Yes." Fang Manxue walked downstairs, "Sanmei, you are a junior, how can you blame your mother."

Fang Xinxin's lips evoked ridicule, "Fang Manxue, you also think that Dad has become a vegetative, it just depends on him, right?"

"You mind so much, it's a big deal, I'll visit my father another day." Fang Manxue skipped the matter and asked, "I haven't asked you to settle the bill! Before my second uncle bought you clothes, who asked you to buy me clothes? I don't like what you bought!"