Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 194

Chapter 194:

Fang Xinxin picked up the shovel and started digging under the tree, and soon saw a black plastic bag.

Put the shovel aside and remove the plastic bag. Inside is a small square iron box, which is a bit rusty because of the age.

It took a little bit of effort to open the tin box. She saw neatly placed a mud puppet male doll about ten centimeters in length, a string of wind chimes, and a five-centimeter-sized toy trolley... it was almost ten centimeters in total. thing.

There are also a few photos of her posing with her elder brother's big head when she was a child.

At the bottom of the box, a bank card was found.

She picked up the clay puppet boy inside and looked at...

Very familiar.

Suddenly remembered that this was when she was a child. Once she went shopping with her mother and used pocket money to buy a mud baby for her elder brother.

Her thoughts fell into memories.

In memory, she was only five or six years old and gave the clay doll to Fang Shao, who was six years older than her. "Big brother, look, this clay doll looks like you. I will buy it and give it to you."

"Thank Xinxin, I like it very much." Fang Shaohua, who was almost eleven years old, showed a childish smile on his face.

"But, this clay doll is so expensive. It costs ten yuan." The young Xinxin counted with her fingers. "My three ice creams are gone. I only have ten yuan..."

"Brother, give you fifty yuan." Fang Shaohua readily took out a fifty yuan.

"Big brother, you are so kind." She hopped to buy food with the money. After running a few steps, she turned back in small steps, timidly saying, "Fifty yuan is too much, you still give me Ten yuan. My mother said I was young and I would be cheated if I took too much money to buy things at once."

Fang Shaohua's youthful face was filled with sunshine-like love, "It's okay, brother believes in Xinxin's arithmetic ability, just don't tell mother not to."

"Then let's pull the hook, you are not allowed to tell my mother that you gave me fifty yuan." A small unity pointed out.

"it is good."

When she was a child, Fang Xinxin raised her head to look at her elder brother who was already very tall to her. Every time, she felt that her elder brother looked at her with warm eyes.

Since I bought a clay doll for my brother that time, I got fifty yuan.

Enough for her to buy a lot of small snacks secretly, so she had a period of time, every time she spent almost the pocket money, she kept a few to twenty or thirty yuan to buy a small gift for her brother.

Then looked at his brother eagerly.

My brother would happily give her a few dollars more.

Until she was discovered by her mother, she almost bought a dozen small gifts for her brother.

My mother criticized her and her brother, and told her that she should not eat too many snacks, which is not good for her growth and development. Also criticized her for being too greedy.

Later, after listening to her mother, she rarely bought gifts for her brother.

Unexpectedly, my brother treasured all the gifts I bought during that time in this small box.

I guess my brother thought it was an interesting memory, so he collected the gifts she gave during that time.

Fang Xinxin recovered from memory and put everything back into the iron box, only taking away the bank card that Fang Shaohua had prepared.

He wrapped the iron box in a black plastic bag and buried it under the tree.

Fill the soil to restore the appearance of the ground.

When she left, Fang Manxue sneaked up to her digging position.

Fang Xinxin saw Man Xue took out the box she had dug out and checked the things. It was estimated that she found nothing, and frowned, and buried the box underground.