Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 197

Chapter 197:

Fang Xinxin looked at her incredulously, "Mom, your temper used to be different."

In the memory before the age of eleven, her mother was an elegant and generous woman, who basically did not lose her temper. Every time she faced her, she could feel her mother's deep love.

Therefore, she just wants to love and be filial to her mother more.

As a result, she was foolish and filial all her life.

In fact, since the age of eleven...

Although her mother is still elegant, never gets angry, and everything she does is in the name of being good for her, it is all harming her.

The mother has obviously changed.

Or...not the same person.

Seeing Fang Xinxin's gaze, Fang Lilan felt a little nervous, but on the surface she complained, "It's not all your fault. Xinxin, your child has always been obedient and filial. Of course, my mother has a good temper and no anger. Now you change. You have to become more and more disobedient. Can a mother not worry or be angry!"

"That said, it's all my fault." Fang Xinxin scoffed her lips mockingly, too lazy to listen to their complaints, and walked into the kitchen.

I searched it in the refrigerator and found only lean meat, eggs, and a handful of cabbage.

These are the dishes for the servants.

In Fangs family, the servants cant serve meals. Its different from the main food. After the masters eats, the servants will take it to the room or eat a little bit quickly in the kitchen.

Originally, Fang's kitchen was full of delicacies from the mountains and seas. As Fang Lilan and the other three could only eat fried food, the unfinished seafood was given away by Fang Lilan.

Obviously, she was afraid that those expensive things would get into Fang Xinxin's stomach, and she also called it better to save money on gifts.

It's okay...

Anyway, she is rich now and is losing weight, so she can eat some lean meat.

The seasoning is very complete, Fang Xinxin picked up a kitchen knife, cut the lean meat into small strips, and cooked by herself...

In the dining room, Fang Manxue glanced at the kitchen, "Mom, that fat lady is cooking again."

Fang Lilan pressed the corner of her wrinkled lips disdainfully, "It's a waste of food. We don't provide her with food. She is a poor man starving to death."

"You can't let her eat fresh pork and eggs." Long Shuhai lowered his voice, "Our current situation requires her to turn over."

Fang Lilan glared at Fang Manxue angrily, "It's because you are not up to date, your body is a hundred times better than Fang Xinxin, and her face is a thousand times better than her. Why can't you hook Bai Qinghao for so many years?"

"Do you think I don't want to hook him?" Fang Manxue was also angry, "Don't blame me. You are the mother...and you," glanced at Long Shuhai, "and you do..." He swallowed back, "You should do your best to help me. Otherwise, how can I be so successful alone?"

Fang Lilan was also very annoyed, "Isn't Mom always helping you? Not only does she keep creating opportunities for you to see..." Lifting her injured left hand, "To help you, I'eat' Bai Qinghao's reward The bottle of red wine is blocked with my hands, and now my hands are not wise."

"You can't blame your mother." Long Shuhai felt sorry for Li Lan, "Man Xue, last time your mother caught the opportunity and asked Bai Qinghao to dismiss Fang Xinxin from his marriage contract, but Bai Qinghao refused. Your mother has been doing her best."

"My mother did a lot of effort, but you didn't help me at all!"

Long Shuhai was also helpless, "I am not embarrassed by my identity in the Fang family..."