Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Qinghao Took The Opportunity To See Manxue 1

Even if Fang Xinxin had taken hormone medicine for three years before, which affected the body and caused a low chance of pregnancy, there was still a chance.

Fortunately, only ten minutes later, Bai Qinghao took the lead downstairs.

Look at his neat clothes...

Only ten minutes, shouldn't it be too late to undress?

Without seeing Fang Xinxin following, Fang Lilan asked, "Commander Bai, where is Xinxin?"

Suddenly, Bai Qinghao walked directly toward the helicopter parked in the yard with a straight figure in a military uniform.

Liu Li and another guard followed close behind.

Fang Lilan's face was extremely ugly.

Bai Qinghao dared to ignore her, she was his future mother-in-law!

Glancing at the daughter Man Xue on the side, she saw Man Xue staring at Bai Qinghao's back with a faint look on her face, as if all three souls and seven souls had been photographed, stupid.

Fang Lilan also looked at Bai Qinghao, whose back was tall and stalwart, outstanding and extremely charming.

What's more, this man also has monstrous money power in one body, which woman can not be moved?

"Don't be stunned, you have the ability to **** him from Fang Xinxin." Lilan patted Man Xue on the back.

Fang Manxue retracted her gaze and gritted her teeth bitterly, "He can only be mine!"

"I'm going to see your third sister." Fang Lilan dropped a sentence and walked quickly to the second floor.


Fang Xinxin stood by the window on the second floor, watching Bai Qinghao's helicopter slowly rise, and a huge mechanical roar once again sounded over the Fang's villa yard.

Bai Qinghao was in the back seat of the helicopter, wearing a soundproof communication headset in the cabin, and staring at her with cold and deep eyes.

The thick reluctance settled in his cold eyes without concealment.

He has never let out his emotions, but this time he clearly made her feel his deep emotions.

She wants to become a bead of sweat in his hand, and fly away with him, even if it will drip at any time, she is willing to soar into the sky with him!

"Xinxin, what were you doing in the room with Bai Qinghao just now?" Fang Lilan ran into the room in two steps, struggling too quickly and panting.

When she saw Fang Xinxin sitting neatly on the edge of the bed and the bedding on the bed was neatly folded, it was even more sure that she had not sleep with Bai Qinghao just now.

Also, Bai Qinghao is such a handsome and outstanding man, Fang Xinxin is such an ugly fat woman.

Fang Xinxin saw the helicopter flying farther and farther in the air, turning into a small spot, and then looked back at Fang Lilan, "It's nothing, he just asked me if I had a good time at Fang's house."

"that's it?"

Not so, she wouldn't tell Fang Lilan, "Otherwise, what does mom think?"

Fang Lilan frowned, "Xin Xin, let me tell you that Bai Qinghao is not a good person. He is of high authority. The financial resources of the Shengshi Group belong to the world. In the future, he does not know how many women will be there. Stay away from him."

"Why don't you tell your second sister Manxue?"

"..." Fang Lilan was choked by her, her words earnestly and earnestly, "Mom also told you frankly that your second sister is better than you in everything in terms of body, appearance, and IQ. The position of the young lady of the Bai family is suitable for her. You...definitely can't control it. Mom is also for your own good, and I don't want you to be retired when you just married to the Bai family."

Speak better than sing. Fang Xinxin had listened to this kind of persuasion from her mother and her second sister in her previous life, and all kinds of emotions and reason.

Keep pushing Bai Qinghao out.

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