Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Qinghao Took The Opportunity To See Manxue 2

As a result, she remained Bai Qinghao's wife for ten years. Moreover, as far as she knew, Bai Qinghao had not touched any other woman except her until he died protecting her.

Fang Xinxin smiled at Lilan and said, "Mom, the barriers for the Bai family are so high. Even if I was divorced and returned as soon as I married, it is better than not marrying. How many women, such as the second sister Manxue, want to climb. You cant climb the barrier of the Bai family. You are my mother, since I dont mind. You should be happy for me, too?"

"..." Fang Lilan was itching with hatred.

How can this fat ugly boy compare to her daughter Man Xue!

On the surface, he was speechless again, and his expression was uncertain.

In the courtyard on the first floor, two young twenty-year-old girls came in, Lou Yuna and Weng Jingke, both of which were classmates and neighbors of Fang Xinxin and Fang Manxue.

"Man Xue, I saw the helicopter parked in your yard just now. It's Commander Bai who is here!" Lou Yuna looked excited, "What about others? A handsome man like Commander Bai just took a look. It's a feast for the eyes."

"I've watched the helicopter from a distance before. I didn't expect to park in my good friend's yard. It's so cool!" Weng Jingke said with an envied expression, "It would be fine if the plane parked in my yard. Then lost distance..."

"Jing Ke, you are not afraid of Man Xue being angry with these words." Lou Yuna patted Weng Jingke on the head, "People's Commander Bai is Man Xue's fiance, how could his helicopter go to your house."

"Yes." Fang Manxue said without blushing or breathing, "Bai Qinghao is mine..." He gave Weng Jingke a sharp look, "He is very busy, he came in a hurry to take a look at me. Weng Jingke, you Wouldn't you want to hit Bai Qinghao's idea?"

Asked arrogantly. As if Bai Qinghao really came to see her.

Fang Xinxin, who was standing by the window on the second floor, curled her lips in disdain.

In the yard, Weng Jingke waved his hand to Man Xue quickly, "We are such good classmates and friends. Bai Qinghao was engaged to your Fang Manxue since childhood. How could I hit my friends fiance on the head? I really am. Envy it. Think about it, Man Xue, your figure and face are so much more beautiful than mine, so why would Bai Qinghao look at other women?"

"Yes. Jing Ke just said casually, don't be angry with her." Lou Yuna also helped to say good things, "Don't say Jing Ke, which girl does not envy you, the future Madam White?"

Fang Manxue's face finally became better.

Fang Xinxin looked upstairs coldly as Weng Jingke and Lou Yuna had been flattering Fang Manxue during their misunderstanding, and there was no explanation at all.

Although these two women are also her classmates, they are Fang Manxue's good friends. The three of them add up to the three traitors.

It's boring to explain to these two things. What's more, almost everyone in the school and the Imperial Capital mistakenly believed that Fang Manxue was the future Mrs. Bai.

What's the use of talking to two people about breaking your throat?

It won't be long before Fang Manxue will fall from the position of the'future commander's wife'!

Fang Manxue in the yard on the first floor touched his pocket and took out a cell phone, "Have you seen it? My new cell phone, Bai Qinghao gave it!" With a smug expression.

Xinxin glanced down at the phone in the second sister's hand, and it was really from Bai Qinghao.

At the Royal Court that night, Bai Qinghao deleted the video of Fang Manxues date with Bai Chenxi on Fang Manxues phone and threw the second sisters phone into the fish tank by the way.