Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 206

Chapter 206:

As far as she knows, Fang Xinxin's relationship with her family is extremely poor, and Fang's mother hates Fang Xinxin's poor grades to the bottom of the class. She would not buy her such expensive clothes.

Fang Xinxin was too lazy to lie, "Bai Qinghao gave it."

Weng Jingke looked incredible, "Commander Bai gives you clothes, isn't it possible? He is Fang Manxue's fianc. You are his sister-in-law. It is obviously inappropriate to give you clothes."

"He is me..." Fang Xinxin only said three words, and Fang Manxue quickly said, "There is nothing wrong with it, I beg Bai Qinghao to buy clothes for Xinxin."

Quickly winked at Xinxin, obviously not letting her tear down the stage.

Fang Xinxin raised her hand and stroked her chin. The second sister is so shameless, let her continue to have fun, and then she will have a big hair!

"Excuse me, is Miss Fang at home?" A man about 30 years old walked in outside the Fang's courtyard. The man had a national face, a black suit and a black bow tie. He was unsmiling and looked rigid.

Fang Manxue saw him and hurried over, "Butler Zhao Cheng, long time no see!"

Weng Jingke and Lou Yuna also followed and asked, "Who is he?"

"Two good guys, it's Zhao Cheng, the steward of the Royal Court of the White Commander's Villa." Zhao Cheng introduced himself flatly.

"It turned out to be the butler of the Royal Court!" Weng Jingke reached out to him, trying to shake hands with him, "Hello, I have long looked up to the name, I am Man Xue's classmate Weng Jingke."

Zhao Cheng didn't mean to shake her hand at all, so Jing Ke had to withdraw her hand in embarrassment, and also provoke Fang Manxue with a shameless look.

"Housekeeper Zhao, why didn't I see you the last time I went to the Royal Court?" Fang Manxue looked like Zhao Cheng very well, and Weng Jingke and Lou Yuna were very envious.

"I was dispatched by the commander to the old house of the Bai family for a period of time." Zhao Chengdao also answered Fang Manxue's question, and said, "The commander bought a lot of new clothes and shoes for Miss Fang. Where is Miss Fang's room? People moved in."

He raised his hand and made a gesture, and several male servants kept carrying boxes of luggage out of the commercial vehicle parked outside the courtyard.

Weng Jingke clicked, "Ten boxes, Fang Manxue, Commander Bai really loves you!"

Before Fang Manxue had time to express his expression, Zhao Cheng said to Weng Jingke coldly, "These are the clothes the commander bought for Miss Fang San."

"Miss Fang San... isn't that Fang Xinxin?" Weng Jingke was puzzled, "Housekeeper Zhao, are you wrong?"

Zhao Cheng affirmatively said, "There is no mistake, these clothes were bought by the commander for Fang Xinxin."

"Is it cheap?" Weng Jingke felt that perhaps it was Commander Bai who made some unnecessary garbage to send the fat woman away.

"Tens of millions."

"So expensive!" Weng Jingke was stunned.

Lou Yuna exclaimed, "God, Man Xue, Commander Bai bought so many clothes for your third sister Fang Xinxin, and they are so expensive. Will they..."

Fang Manxue quickly covered Lou Yuna's mouth with embarrassment, "Don't talk too much in front of Manager Zhao."

Too much, in case Zhao Cheng comes to say that Fang Xinxin is the fiance of Commander Bai, then wear it!

Holding one hand in hand, Fang Manxue forcibly pulled Lou Yuna and Weng Jingke to her room, "Go, I'll show you something good..."

No matter how reluctant the two were, they were still half dragged away.

Fang Xinxin, who was doing yoga in the yard, frowned when she heard what the housekeeper Zhao Cheng had just said, "It cost tens of millions, which really cost Bai Qinghao."