Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 208

Chapter 208:

"No." Fang Lilan sent Zhao Cheng out and walked into the room and said bitterly, "Xinxin, as the daughter of the Fang family, as long as you have the surname Fang, you must fulfill the obligations of the Fang family's daughter. The difficulties of the Fang family are now You dont have to think about any solution, just resell these clothes."

"Originally, I was obligated." Fang Xinxin said in a leisurely manner, "Now... our old accounts are still uncleared. Mom, let's talk about how much money my dad made before. You don't even have my share. I was squandered. Give my share back first."

And stretched out his right hand, palm facing up.

"Why mention this again? Isn't it over!" Fang Lilan said unhappily, "I have said, your dad's money is used up. Even if you have a share of your dad's money, what can your mom do if you use it? How can your father have any money!"

"Good," Fang Xinxin said, "You just insisted that my dad didn't have any money left before, right?"

"There is a little bit..."

"How much is a point?"

"Not just ten or twenty million..." Fang Lilan said without guilty conscience. In the past few years, she was in charge of the Fang Group's accounts, and the entire company was in her hands. The previous accounts could be destroyed at any time.

"Adding two zeros is almost the same." Fang Xinxin estimated. It can be inferred from the dividend when the eldest brother was the vice president of the Fang Group.

Fang Lilan was surprised, how did this idiot know that Long Yifan made one or two billion dollars?

"Anyway, I don't have any money anymore." Fang Lilan seemed calm on the surface, "You sell these new clothes for one-third to half of the price. You can sell them at random. Maybe you can sell them at 20% off. Once you have tens of millions of funds. , The Fang Group may be able to cheer up again..."

"Mom." Fang Xinxin interrupted her endless plan, "I told you so much. I just want to tell you that when the Fang Group was rich, it didn't have my share, and now it's difficult, it doesn't have anything to do with me. It's half a dime. I won't sell any of my clothes!"

Fang Lilan didn't bother to reason with her, walked to the closet, gathered up a few pieces of clothes in the cabinet with one hand, and prepared to take them away, "If you don't sell it, you have to sell it!"

Seeing Fang Manxue, went to the shoe cabinet to get those new shoes that hadn't been worn.

Fang Xinxin didn't stop them, her voice was very casual, "Mom, Bai Qinghao rewarded your'red wine', right? Your left hand injury hasn't healed yet. Would you like to ask Bai Qinghao for a bottle?"

He glanced at Fang Manxue, who was carrying a few pairs of shoes, "Second Sister, I can guarantee that as long as you and Mom move my clothes and shoes, Bai Qinghao will'send' you two red wines."

Fang Lilan held her body hesitantly. The thought of Bai Qinghao's guards smashing a bottle of red wine on her head, if it weren't for her cleverly blocking the top of her head with her left hand, her head would bloom.

Hand injuries still often hurt.

"Fang Xinxin, dare you!" Fang Manxue shouted sharply.

"See if I dare?" Fang Xinxin smiled, "Also, these clothes are belonging to Commander Bai. You sold Bai's clothes for tens of millions of dollars without Bai Qinghao's consent. That's like a fraud. , Do you want to sit and wear in prison, right?"

Fang Lilan and Fang Manxue looked at each other, and they were both relying on whether Fang Xinxin would complain to Bai Qinghao.

In case, she really told Bai Qinghao that they had sold these new clothes forcibly, according to Commander Bai's temperament, they would really not be able to eat them.