Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Shaohua Wants Xinxin

On the simple single bed in the infirmary, Pan Dalong lay on it so much pain that he screamed, "Fang Shaohua, stinky boy, I'm not finished with him, I'm going to kill him!"

He lost his mouth, and he leaked his speech, and his speech was unclear.

"Patient, please make a noise." Doctor Huang from the prison infirmary scolded, "Otherwise, please go out immediately."

"Okay, I'll shut up and shut up." Pan Dalong used to rely on cruelty to dominate the prison. Since being beaten by Fang Shaohua, he has lost all his money and face in prison. Without telling a joke, the prison dragon had to work with injuries, so he simply refused to leave in the infirmary.

"Who are you going to kill?" Fang Shaohua's face was pale and ugly, he kept coughing, but his eyes were very bad.

When Pan Dalong saw him, he was so scared that he dared not mention the murder. "If there is anyone who can't kill, I just yelled."

This kid usually looks like a bully, but he didn't expect to be ruthless and could kill people for half his life.

Immediately, Pan Dalong seemed to think of something, "Fang Shaohua, another woman is visiting you, what kind of beauty I am, Lao Tzu... I sneaked and took a look at a far away place. The woman is fat and ugly, you actually As a fairy, she is not afraid to laugh to death, hahaha!"

The laughter hurt the wound that was hit by Fang Shaohua before, and the pain made him grin in canthus.

"Are you afraid that you don't want the remaining teeth anymore?" Fang Shaohua clenched his fists and made a violent noise.

Pan Dalong drew back fearfully, "Brother, brother, don't do it..." I can't beat it, and there is no one with a lot of money. I can't help it. "I'm just kidding. I heard that the woman's name is Fang Xinxin, it's you. Third sister, you think your sister looks like a celestial celestial being or a big celestial celestial being.

"Humph." Fang Shaohua snorted coldly, but couldn't help but cough worse.

"If you say that your third sister is not good, you'll be upset..." Pan Dalong was frightened, "I heard that Fang Xinxin is not your sister, do you have a crush on her?"

Fang Shaohua's body became stiff, and his face was sullen without a word.

Pan Dalong pondered, "I think you have a crush on your third sister, right?" Fang Shaohua, No. 1529, was strange and deep and could not see through.

"Shut up!" Fang Shaohua became impatient.

Pan Dalong didn't dare to say much.

Doctor Huang in the infirmary examined Fang Shaohua, and then solemnly said, "1529, you have a very serious pneumonia, which is contagious and needs to be isolated."

After completing the diagnosis, Dr. Huang quickly put on a mask.

"What!" Pan Dalong, who was in the infirmary, quickly fled after hearing this. He was in danger with a tuberculosis, and would rather go back to his cell.


After another ten days, Fang Shaohua had tuberculosis with cavities and repeated hemoptysis. The treatment was not effective, so he successfully applied for a medical bail out of prison.

Fang Xinxin arranged for him to be admitted to the Jiaya Hospital under the Shengshi Group for treatment. The ward is next to Fang's father Long Yifan, so that the elder brother can see his father easily.

Jaya Hospital itself is a high-end hospital, and the thirty-eighth floor on the top floor is where the rich live.

When Fang Xinxin arrived, she didn't see Fang Shaohua in her ward. She went to the next ward, and she saw her elder brother waiting in front of his father Long Yifan's bed.

"Big brother!" she called out.

Fang Shaohua turned around, his lifeless eyes brightened because of her, "Xinxin!"

Taking a step forward, no matter how hard to restrain, he hugged her tightly into his arms, her voice choked, "Sanmei, I miss you so much!"