Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 214

Chapter 214:

Fang Shaohua sighed, "Looking back now, she made it clear that she had distracted me and didn't want me to stay in Fang's house, lest she find her anomaly."

"Yes." Fang Xinxin nodded, "Before, I was too young to think too much."

Because it was a life that was relived, so many things were clearly seen.

"You are still young now, only nineteen years old." Fang Shaohua looked at her with pity, and said guiltily, "I...in the three years since I entered, your situation at the Fang family, lawyer Li Shaohong simply told I am."

A touch of anger rose to his eyes, "The other people in the Fang family are simply too much!"

It really kills them all.

"Brother, don't be angry..." She withdrew from his embrace without a trace.

Suddenly failing in his arms, Fang Shaohua's heart seemed to be vacant. I wanted to embrace her deeply again, and never want to let go!


He is not qualified.

Nor should she be suspicious of his feelings, so as not to increase her psychological burden.

After adjusting his emotions, the guilt in Fang Shaohua's eyes could not be reduced, "Brother is useless, it made you suffer so much."

She suffered more pain than hacking him!

"Don't worry, my sister really won't be bullied again." She confessed carefully, "Brother, you are on parole for medical treatment, and you have tuberculosis with hollow and repeated coughing up blood. It is a fake. Don't contact outsiders, especially those who People from the Fang family, lest they find out that you are not sick, and if you pierce this matter, you will have more trouble. You can only live in the ward next door, or..."

She paused and said, "I will arrange another safe and livable house for you. You can live there, come to the hospital often, and just pretend to be a doctor. I will make arrangements for the doctor who will see you. Something that shouldn't be said."

"Yeah." He has no other choice but to nod, "Sanmei, it is not convenient for me to go back to Fang's house. Mom... Fang Lilan, you need to do a paternity test with her."

Only when it was confirmed whether Fang Lilan was her biological mother, could she decide what to do with that woman.

"I will try." She took out two masks from her handbag, put one on herself, and handed the other to him, "Brother, put it on, I will take you to your new home."

As Fang Shaohua said, the two came out of the Jiaya Hospital in a low-key manner and took a taxi to Hongsheng Community.

Strangers need to register when entering or leaving the community. Fang Xinxin has been coming to this community these days, and the property security knows her.

She also greeted him in advance and told Fang Shaohua that he was the owner and described Fang Shaohuas appearance. The security asked the two of them to take off their masks for confirmation and let them go without registration.

This community is positioned at mid-to-high end, and people and vehicles are separated.

Numerous and tall trees are planted on the green space between the buildings. The small pieces of gray slabs of pedestrian walkways are often surrounded by long stone benches. There are also pavilions for the owners to cool off at the corners and clear water fountains. In the pond, the willow greens planted on the banks of the pond are swaying with the wind, and the breeze of the grass and trees refreshes the air.

The environment of the entire community is really beautiful!

Fang Shaohua turned his head to look at Fang Xinxin, who was walking side by side with him. The breeze came slowly on the tree-lined path, because she was by her side, and it was rare that Fang Shaohua's mood that had been dark for too long gained a moment of peace.

On the twentieth floor of Building A, there are two households with one elevator. After exiting the elevator, turn left. Fang Xinxin stood in front of the security door and pressed the fingerprint lock, which opened.