Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Paid Ten Years Rent

She told Fang Shaohua the password of the fingerprint lock again, added her fingerprint, and said, "In the future, brother will come in and out, and the fingerprint will open the door. If you want to use the key, put it in the bedside table of the master bedroom."

"Yeah." Fang Shaohua nodded.

The entrance is a white tiled living room and a connected dining room, bright yellow embroidered wallpaper, the edge of the ceiling is curved like a flower stalk, and it is equipped with a simple fabric sofa, a 55-inch ultra-thin wall-mounted TV, three rooms The bedroom is dark brown with solid wood flooring, which is comfortable and pleasant... The overall decoration is modern and delicate.

Fang Xinxin took him around the entire house and briefly introduced, "This house is well-decorated by the developer, with three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen, and a compact size of only 85 square meters. The bedroom and living room are more spacious, and the two second bedrooms are quite small. Better than having a balcony, it is practical.

Large pieces of furniture such as TV sets, sofas, beds...are presented by the developer. But the furniture is very cheap, and all large pieces of furniture are worth tens of thousands of dollars. "

Fang Shaohua stopped in front of the closet in the master bedroom, opened the closet door, and saw a series of menswear hanging in it, including shirts, coats, pants...

Pulling open the closet, even the underwear and socks are ready.

Developers can't give away personal clothes, right?

Looking at the size of the clothes and pants, even the size of the underwear is just right.

What does this show?

Xinxin has him in his heart!

Fang Shaohua thought about this, and his heart immediately became excited, and he was a little stuttered, "Xinxin, these clothes..."

"Oh, this..." Fang Xinxin said calmly, "I think the clothes you used to stay in the Fang's room are old and outdated. I just turned over the clothes size and told the hourly worker Gaoru Auntie and gave it. With her money, let her buy some clothes for you, as well as the dishes and woks used in the kitchen. I didnt expect Gao Yilian..."

After a pause, he said, "I even bought the underwear and socks for you. Aunt Gao said that she knows the size of your underwear, and the size of your underwear and socks is estimated to be bought. She is really careful."

She had never bought clothes for Bai Qinghao, and naturally it was impossible for her to buy clothes for her brother herself.

If Bai Qinghao knew that she was buying clothes for her brother, she would have to overturn the jealousy.

During this time, she is very busy.

Busy stocks, business negotiations, but also to reverse the case for my brother, to deal with Fang's scum.

I have to answer Bai Qinghao's calls often...

It's so busy.

A ray of loss flashed through Fang Shaohua's heart.

She didn't buy it herself.

However, she could imagine asking the hourly worker to help him buy clothes. He was already very moved, "Xinxin, thank you for your hard work." Looking around the house, "Rent here, a new house, the community environment is good, the price is expensive?"

"Brother, live with peace of mind. I paid ten years of rent at a time." She lied.

If he let his brother know that she bought him this house with his six million in a blink of an eye, he would be unhappy.

Because of that representative, she rejected his money.

But how could she bear to let her brother rent a house outside?

"Ten years..." He was taken aback, feeling distressed about her money, "Paying so long rent has cost you money."

"Small things." She smiled, "You are willing to give me six million, then you are all your savings. What if I help you pay some rent? Brother, you can't refuse and live here at ease."

"Good." Her painstaking arrangements, if he doesn't appreciate it, he would be too sorry for her.