Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Shaohua's Real Estate Certificate

The real estate certificate is his brother's name. She is placed between the Simmons in the master bedroom and the bed board. This will be left to him to find out by himself in the future.

She took out a bank card of her own and handed it to him, "Brother, I have a little money in this card, you take it first."

He frowned and did not answer, "How can I ask for your money?"

She pursed her lips and became unhappy, "You are allowed to give me money. I am not allowed to give you money?"

She checked the details of the six million that her brother gave her before buying a house and using it up.

In addition to the dividends that the Fang Group had previously given him, there was a lot of scattered money. She knew that her brother often took time to do odd jobs during his student years, and then he went out of society and worked in the Fang Group at the request of her father. Will also take some financial work alone.

In other words, his six million covers his scattered, hard-earned blood and sweat.

Just for his willingness to give her all the hard-earned money, she should also help him when he is in trouble at the moment.

"You are a girl, I can't be a man..." He still wanted to refuse, and she protested, "If you refuse to accept it, I will be angry!"

"Xinxin, brother really can't ask for your money..." If it is received, isn't it a little white face?

"If you don't want it, then I will refund you your six million!"

"Hey..." He helplessly, she added, "My sister has collected 6 million from you, so you should also take my heart. In this way, the money in my card is counted as I borrowed from you. If you make money in the future, you will pay it back to me."


"It's nothing!" She put the card into his hand without knowing it. "There is also a small amount of money in it. That's it!"

As she said, he was embarrassed and deliberately turned off the topic, "Brother, you are a major in economics, and your financial talent is particularly high. Recently the stock market is very good, you can play stocks. Maybe, if you have energy, start a business. securities company."

"It's a good idea. I'll go in again if I don't know when..."

"No!" She categorically said, "Until the case is reversed, I will keep you on parole for medical treatment. You will not be allowed to enter the cell again, and I will definitely help you reverse the case, as long as you steal me in the past. Wang Liangping, the mobile phone thief, will have a breakthrough in the case."

If it is not possible to rely on her ability, then it is a big deal to ask Bai Qinghao.

She believed that she could not get there.

Fang Shaohua was deeply moved by her grasping appearance and her hard work for him, "Xinxin, thank you."

"We are like brothers and sisters, and we will see you if you say thank you." Fang Xinxin deliberately raised her face in displeasure, her expression very vivid.

Fang Shaohua looked at her funny look with winking eyebrows and couldn't help but smile, "Okay, don't thank you."

She raised her lips slightly, "Brother, I still have a lot to do, let's go now."

"Well, come over whenever you have time."

He watched her leave indifferently, until the security door was opened and closed before daring to show strong reluctance.

In fact, he wanted her to stay.

However, she still had too much work to do. His medical parole was also hidden from Fang's family, and she had to go back to Fang's family.

Fang Shaohua's handsome figure stepped up to the balcony, standing on the twentieth floor, looking down at the road below the community.

Despite being so high, the figure of the person looks like a small thing.