Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 219

Chapter 219:

Lou Yuna glared at Fang Xinxin, "Why aren't you leaving? Do you think that Manxue will buy the fitness member's order for you? Don't overdo it!"

Weng Jingke hooked Fang Manxue's arm, looking like she was thinking about her good sisters, "Manxue, you can't always be a good person, doting and spoiling your sister every day. You will spoil her, so you are not allowed to buy her. A list of fitness members."

Fang Manxue wouldn't pay for Fang Xinxin, but she deliberately appeared embarrassed, "Sanmei, look, my two good friends don't allow me to check out for you, and I can't help it."

Fang Xinxin curled her lips sarcastically, "Second Sister has never spoiled me, nor has she spent a penny on me. Don't just put gold on your cheeks in good faith."

"You..." Weng Jingke was angry.

Fang Manxue was afraid that Fang Xinxin would shake her identity as Bai Qinghao's fiancee, and stopped Jing Ke, "Don't worry about it."

"Cut." Fang Xinxin rolled her eyes, "I am too lazy to care about you." Directly to the female salesperson at the counter, "Help me open a membership card." Handed her own credentials.

The female salesperson pointed to the price list next to her, "Excuse me, what price do you want for members?"

Lou Yuna couldn't give up irony, "Salesperson, what are you asking Fang Xinxin for? She is so poor, she has to be with her sister Fang Manxue if she can wear good clothes. Of course, she can only open the cheapest membership card."

As long as they apply for membership cards, the female salespersons are very polite. They read the name on the certificate and said, "Ms. Fang Xinxin, please also choose. No matter which level of card you apply for, its all the same for Saiten Fitness Club. Is a distinguished member."

"Huh!" Lou Yuna snorted coldly, "I said that she is poor, you are so polite and don't know how to behave! Be careful she has no money to check out later."

"I don't think..." I won't be able to tell the truth. It is the purpose of the club to not let the members go.

Fang Xinxin scanned the row of exquisite price lists hanging on the wall, and glanced at the top price, "Just the most expensive Supreme Member."

"Okay..." The saleswoman stared wide and stammered, "What...what!"

Several other guests next to him were stunned. Someone was surprised, "The Supreme Member will cost one million a year!"

"Since this club opened, there hasn't been a single supreme member. This is the first one!" Several fitness coaches came over.

Lou Yuna, Weng Jingke, and Fang Manxue were so surprised that the three of them opened their mouths wide and formed a Q-shape. It is estimated that each of them can put a big goose egg in their mouth.

Soon, Lou Yuna came back to her senses, "Fang Xinxin, you are a poor B, this boastful blow."

"You believe her too." Weng Jingke mocked her face. "If she can get a million, I will live stream chishi!"

Fang Xinxin sneered, "Miss Weng, this is what you said. Don't blame me later."

"Hey, what can I do. If you can't settle the bill, then you..." Before Weng Jingke finished speaking, Fang Xinxin handed a card to the female salesperson, "Swipe the card."

The female salesperson pressed the number and asked her to enter the password, "Ms. Fang Xinxin, I have to confirm with you again. The Supreme Member is about to wipe out you one million!"

Fang Xinxin saw so many people staring at the cipher box and did not give anyone a chance to peek at the password. The grasp of her left hand swept across the back of her right hand handsomely, and her right finger had already pressed the password in one go.