Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 220

Chapter 220:

This amount of money is nothing to Fang Xinxin now.

The lottery won 85 million. The chairman of the Gu Group earned 300 million, which adds up to 400 million. This period of time has been rolling in the stock market. As long as it is a trading day, it depends on the memory of previous lives. , The stocks she bought either rose sharply every day, or sold at rallies, and sold again before falling.

Every day, earn 10%, and if it is less, it will increase by 35%.

The amount keeps rolling up, and she has been named a small stock **** in the stock market. However, no one knows her specific identity.

Even if it took some money to reverse the case for the eldest brother, today I raised another 60 million to the eldest brother.

The sum of her funds on hand still reached more than 3 billion.

What is it to spend some money to reward yourself.

"The one million credit card transaction was successful!" The female salesperson cheered excitedly.

All the fitness coaches in the clubhouse, including the salesperson, bowed to Fang Xinxin, "Congratulations on Miss Fang Xinxin!"

None of the other members have enjoyed such honorable treatment, and the rich one is the boss.

The other guests nearby looked very envious.

Lou Yuna and Weng Jingke stared at the one-million-dollar transaction sheet signed by Fang Xinxin in shock, and they almost didn't dislocate their jaws.

"How is it possible!" Weng Jingke took the lead out of control, "Where did you get so much money!"

"Fang Xinxin, aren't you too poor and penniless?" Lou Yuna couldn't believe her eyes, but it was a fact that she bought a million for a membership card.

Only Fang Manxue knew the source of Fang Xinxin's money.

Fang Xinxin is a fat idiot, I dont know where the **** luck is. With such an ugly and disgusting look, he actually hangs on a rich man. More than ten days ago, he had money to pay for the house in one lump sum, and now he has the money to become a supreme member. .

Thinking of the appearance of the middle-aged man Kaizi, she curled up her mouth in disdain.

She doesn't envy Fang Xinxin's temporary sugar daddy. Only by sticking to Bai Qinghao can she get permanent wealth.

The fat idiot will permanently lose Bai Qinghao's fiance, who is more than a diamond, for her actions!

In order to avoid missing the news, Fang Manxue deliberately asked tentatively, "Sanmei, you are so lavish, could it be that you resell the clothes Bai Qinghao bought for you?"

If so, you can add a charge to her.

"What do you mean." Fang Xinxin answered ambiguously this time.

"I just asked you if I didn't know."

"I have the right not to say."

Weng Jingke didn't want to manage where Fang Xinxin's money came from, so she quietly stepped back, ready to slip away while others were not paying attention.

Fang Xinxin stepped in front of her, "Where are you going?"

Weng Jingke said anxiously, "Oh, I remember, I still have to take a step in advance..."

With that said, she walked around Fang Xinxin and wanted to run away. Fang Xinxin grabbed her by the back collar and said, "Live broadcast and eat **** before leaving."

Weng Jingkes face was so ugly that it swelled into a pig liver color. With friends Lou Yuna and Fang Manxue on the side, she simply stopped leaving, "What are you going to broadcast? The Fang family didnt give you any money. Where does a student get a million?"

"Don't worry, my money is cleaner than your face." Fang Xinxin sneered, "As for the origin of my money, I won't tell you!"

"You..." Weng Jingke snorted, "Then I won't live broadcast. How can you stand me!"

"You don't count, be careful, God cleans you." Fang Xinxin glanced at the auntie who was mopping the floor in the lobby. Next to her was a mobile plastic mop pool full of muddy water.