Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 221

Chapter 221:

Fang Xinxin's eyes dazzled, and his thoughts gathered, Weng Jingke's vamp slipped when he stepped on the ground. Under the urging of the special function, it slid farther, one fell down, and his head was directly face down and soaked into the mop pool.

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked, "Wow!"

"It fell beautifully!" Fang Xinxin praised without hesitation.

Weng Jingke choked on the mop sewage, and the hygienic aunt said in surprise, "Oh, the water in the mop pool just dragged through the toilet!"

"It's really like chi shit, haha!" Fang Xinxin laughed.

Other people nearby also followed with laughter. One of the guests said, "It seems that what you have said can't be regarded as fart, otherwise God won't get used to it. The retribution will come so soon."

Fang Manxue hurriedly walked over, originally intending to help Weng Jingke. Seeing the sewage on her face, or the water from the toilet dragging the floor, she felt disgusted in her heart, and she still pretended to care, "Jingke, are you okay?"

I didn't mean to touch her even if I was caring with my mouth alone. If the dirty water got on her body, it wouldn't be stinking.

The hygienic aunt lifted up Weng Jingke, "Little girl, are you okay?"

"Jing Ke, why are you so careless when you walk?" Lou Yuna also yelled barely, fearing the smell of sewage on her body.

Weng Jingke coughed and choked, retching constantly, trying to spit out the mop water he had eaten in his mouth.

Fang Manxue hurriedly went to the counter and took a bottle of mineral water for her, "gargle."

Weng Jingkes head, face, and clothes were dripping with dirty water. She kept vomiting a whole bottle of mineral water, and a bottle of water bottomed out. Then she yelled in spite of her image, "Ah ah ah Ahhh!"

It was so shocking that all those present were almost deaf.

After roaring in anger, he snarled at the aunt who was doing sanitation, "What did you do? You are mopping the floor at this time!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." The hygienic aunty repeatedly apologized. "A little bit of ice cream fell on the floor when a kid was eating ice cream. The boss asked me to come and clean it. In order to prevent the mop from being slippery, the mop on my hand The mops are all dry."

"I don't care, I spent more than two thousand dollars on this suit, and you will lose money!" Weng Jingke was irresponsible.

Fang Xinxin doesnt want to take care of the hygienic auntie, "My surname is Weng, you dont have eyes to walk by yourself, and you have to fall into the mop bucket, so I feel ashamed to blame others. Everyone is commenting, I think she fell on purpose and wanted to blackmail. More than two thousand people!"

None of the people present thought that Weng Jingke's fall was not an accident. Several guests all helped the aunt who was doing sanitation and said, "Yes. Girl, don't blackmail."

"I fell on my own, and besides, the clothes are dirty and washed. It's not because someone pours dirty water on her..."

Fang Xinxin mocked, "Weng Jingke, when will your live broadcast of eating Xiang start? Come, I will take you to the toilet, you can start working immediately!"

Pretending to catch her.

Weng Jingke paled with anger, stomped fiercely, and left unwillingly.

She has to go home and take a shower, wash ten times eight times!

Fang Manxue and Lou Yuna glared at Fang Xinxin, and then left.

Fang Xinxin returned to Fang's house after sweating and working out in the gym for three hours.

As soon as he entered the gate of Fang's villa, he found Bai Qinghao sitting on the sofa in the living room with a cold face, and two guards with guns standing behind him.