Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 222

Chapter 222:

Weng Jingke, Fang Manxue, and Long Shuhai bowed in fear and stood seven or eight steps away from him.

The entire hall seemed to have lowered the temperature by several degrees because of Bai Qinghao's angry look. The ice was icy, and a shivering tremor rose in people's hearts.

Fang Lilan looked nervously at the gate of the villa.

Fang Xinxin found that the atmosphere in the hall was not right when she was far away in the courtyard. When she walked through the gate, she felt the atmosphere weird and depressing.

Fang Lilan dragged Fang Xinxin's wrist and shot and said, "Xinxin girl, you are too courageous, how can you do such a thing!"

"Which?" Fang Xinxin raised an eyebrow.

"It's not just what Weng Jingke said." Fang Lilan said angrily, "You admit it?"

Anyone would mistakenly think that she was talking about the unhappiness that happened with Weng Jingke in the fitness club.

In fact, Fang Lilan deliberately misled her so.

It would be better for Fang Xinxin to confess the guilt directly and to avoid interrogation.

Fang Xinxin is not as filial and stupid as in his previous life, "It's unclear, I just came back, what do you tell me to recognize?"

"You know what you have done yourself." Fang Lilan sternly shouted, "The commander is losing his temper. You quickly apologize, maybe he can forgive you!"

Fang Xinxin remained silent, and if she changed her previous life, she might just follow her mother's wishes.

just now

Seeing Fang Lilan's face, how do you look, how do you feel... so hypocritical!

Lilan was so frizzled by her, she still kept urging, "Quick!"

Fang Xinxin shook off her mother's hand and walked into the hall casually, "Mom, what kind of plane are you doing? What kind of apologize is it if you don't make it clear? I don't think I have missed anything."

"You're not wrong!" Fang Manxue said, "As far as Weng Jingke said, a classmate, she can't blame you."

Even Fang Manxue misled Fang Xinxin to admit it.

Fang Xinxin's eyes swept across the faces of Man Xue and Weng Jingke.

Weng Jingke has changed clothes, and her hair shape is different from what we saw a few hours ago, that is to say...

Fang Manxue has some spare time in front of Weng Jingke!

Reminiscent of Fang Manxue following her twelve days ago, she must have thought that she had something abnormal.

For so many days, there was no movement. Obviously, Fang Manxue didn't plan to make a move on her own, but wanted to borrow someone else's knife.

She and Weng Jingke happened to have a stiff fight in the fitness club, so... the second sister borrowed Weng Jingke's knife, it was perfect.

Fang Xinxin walked to the side of Bai Qinghao leisurely and sat down, "Don't be dumb, I'm not in the mood to guess with you. Come on, tell me who is right and who is wrong."

Fang Manxue deliberately ignored her words, as if seeing something incredible, "You still dare to sit next to Commander Bai!"

"What can't you dare?" Fang Xinxin raised a delicate eyebrow.

She is not afraid of Bai Qinghao's face that is colder than Glacier.

Because she found that as long as she did not betray him, his tolerance for her is endless.

A sharp ray of light passed through Bai Qinghao's deep eyes, he glanced at Weng Jingke, and ordered, "Say what you just said again!"

The tone of anger and prestige is extremely strong, and it makes people obey the command involuntarily.

Weng Jingke said only innocently, "Commander, I accidentally saw Fang Xinxin enter a villa in Qianshanwan 12 days ago, and went in for more than an hour. When she came out, her clothes were not neat and the host of the villa was still Seeing her off, everyone with a discerning eye knows that the relationship between these two people is not normal."