Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 224

Chapter 224:

Looking at Fang Xinxin with contempt, "I asked Liu Ling, the real estate agent who took you to see the house, and she also said with emotion that Fang Xinxin is so young and you are only 18 or 9 years old. I envy you for buying a house with full money. Fang Xinxin triumphantly revealed that all six million was given by an old man! Think about it, after spending more than an hour alone with Sun Zhiming in the villa, he checked the accounts and then bought the house...it must have been given by him. How much is it?"

Fang Lilan was shocked in an instant, "Xinxin, buy a house with the money that was kept by a middle-aged man...how can you do such a shameless thing!"

Fang Manxue also hated the expression of iron and steel, and scolded sadly, "Our Fang family has been very strict in tutoring since childhood, and we must never do anything insulting. You should be the lover of the old man! Third sister, you too It's sad and disappointing!"

"No." Long Shuhai also said with a sad expression, "Xinxin, although I am not your father, I am also your second uncle anyway. You... alas!" He flicked his sleeve hard, as if Fang Xinxin was so unbearable.

Man Xue glanced at Bai Qinghao, who was sitting silent, and saw that he didn't even mean to be angry. His complexion was deep and mysterious, making people wonder what he was thinking.

She winked at Weng Jingke, meaning she wanted to keep on encouraging.

This kind of small gesture naturally couldn't escape Bai Qinghao's sharp eyes, and his lips curled up mockingly.

Weng Jingke thought that his mocking laugh was the shamelessness of the joke Fang Xinxin, and his excitement was as if he was beaten up with blood. If he knew that his mocking was aimed at her, he would not be able to laugh.

Fang Xinxin glanced at Fang Manxue, Long Shuhai and Fang Lilan, "You three idiots, who do you pretend to be distressed for?"

"Which idiot do you mean?" Lilan yelled angrily, "I'm your mother, do you speak to your mother like this!"

"Whoever answers the call, I say who is an idiot." Fang Xinxin sneered, "Which kind of mother are you? If you don't distinguish between red soaps, look at some pictures you don't know the so-called, then you say that your daughter is raised by an old man? My mother?"

"..." Fang Lilan became angry, wishing to peel off the skin of this cheap hoof.

On the surface, in order to leave a way for myself, I had to ask, "Then tell me, where did the money for the house come from? Why go to a middle-aged man's house alone?

Fang Xinxin went to discuss business.

A new game has been invented abroad, called Legend of Blood. This game is very popular abroad, but currently, it has not been introduced in the country.

According to the memory of her previous life, such games are also very popular in China.

She wants to get the domestic agency rights of "Legend of War".

Through some organizations that spend money on intelligence, she found out that Mr. Abbott, the person in charge of the game's production company, was a guest at Sun Zhiming's home.

And Sun Zhiming is the father of a female classmate Sun Jiamu in the class.

She went to the door directly in the name of a classmate and looked for a chance to meet Mr. Abbott. These days, she negotiated several times and finally signed the domestic agency of "Legend of War" for 5 million US dollars.

Fang Xinxin didn't want to talk so much to the Fang family, and Weng Jingke, who was armed with a gun, "I went to Uncle Sun's house to find Sun Jiamu to play, but I didn't know that she happened to be away that day."

Weng Jingke wondered, "Sun Jiamu?"

Sun Jiamu looks outstanding, but he is very low-key. Naturally, he knew each other as a classmate.

"Sun Zhiming is not the father of our classmate Sun Jiamu."

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