Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Adopted By An Old Man 1

The indifferent Bai Qinghao finally changed his face slightly and threatened him, "Fang Xinxin, I made 50 million calls to your account, and you gave me back with all kinds of excuses. You should explain to me, that six What's the matter with millions?"

Abbott is the head of a game company. Although that company is not well known at the moment, as far as he knows, its company has great potential.

Obviously, Fang Xinxin approached Abbott and had business negotiations with him.

"What!" This time it was changed to Weng Jingke, surprised, "Commander Bai, you actually gave Fang Xinxin 50 million!"

It is hard to believe that Commander Bai took such care of an ugly and fat sister-in-law.

I really can't wait to get a little kiss with the Bai family, and bring a little bit of trouble.

Fang Manxue's face was ugly.

But she knew that Bai Qinghao could easily fund the Fang family more than 10 billion for the fat stupid. For him, 50 million is simply not worth mentioning in pediatrics.

Still jealous.

Fifty million people can't make it in their lifetime.

Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai were also very angry.

Man Xue is so good, the white commander doesn't take a look, the ugly is so fat, the commander is regarded as a treasure, depressed to death!

"Jing Ke, don't be surprised. Commander Bai has always been generous, so he should take care of Fang Xinxin." Man Xue was afraid that Weng Jingke knew that Xin Xin was Commander Bai's fiance. She deliberately said vaguely and pulled her clothes. Xiu said, "Did you ask the real estate agent Liu Ling that day, maybe she had a wrong memory, my third younger sister could not receive six million from the old man. Would you like to call and ask again?"

When she turned the words, she seemed to trust Fang Xinxin, but in fact she reminded her to call and sit down on Fang Xinxin's crime of taking the old man's money.

Once it was confirmed that Fang Xinxin was taken care of by an old man, Bai Qinghao wouldn't slap Fang Xinxin with a single shot, and she would never stand up!

In fact, these things have nothing to do with Weng Jingke. Jingke came out of the fitness club and went back to Wengs house to take a shower. When she thought of Fang Xinxin, her teeth were itchy with hatred. Fang Manxue had been chatting with her for several hours and kept talking. Sow discord.

Weng Jingke wanted to kill Fang Xinxin even more. Knowing that she was being raised by an old man, Man Xue said that the fat guy had lost the face of Fang's family. It was her sister's sake. She forgave her, but saw Xinxin bullying Jingke so much, and again. Not reconciled.

Seeing that Manxue was willing to let the third sister be punished for the sake of her friend, and being lured by Fang Manxueli, she took the initiative to raise the issue, and she came forward to kill Fang Xinxin.

Commander White happened to come to Fang's house, and the two of them had a total of two words. How did they join hands to speak in front of Commander White?

Originally thought that the evidence was conclusive, it would be easy to kill Fang Xinxin, but I knew it was far less simple.

Commander Bai didn't even seem to be angry at all, until now did he appear to be angry, not like...

Man Xue was also very surprised, thinking that Fang Xinxin should be panicked from start to finish, and covert up. How can I know that this **** was so stinky when he was kept!

"Yeah, Jing Ke, you and Xin Xin are classmates, don't wrong my Xin Xin." Fang Lilan also pretended to say good things.

Fang Xinxin still doesn't know, Fang Lilan and Fang Manxue used a good knife to kill others.

He glanced at Weng Jingke with pity.

Later, he shot her back with a contemptuous look, "Fang Xinxin, I will call Liu Ling's agent now to see how you can argue!"