Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 229

Chapter 229:

"I bought a house for six million, and I swiped my elder brother's card. The name of the house is also my elder brother's name." Fang Xinxin said this, looking at Bai Qinghao openly, "These are all swiping cards. Records, if the real estate also has a registration certificate, it is well documented."

"Is there anything to check." Bai Qinghao looked back at Fang Xinxin's eyes, with a trace of pampering, "I know all this."

Fang Xinxin suffocated for a while, and asked angrily, "Are you checking me behind?"

"No." His voice was as cold as a puddle of unmarked ice water, "I checked Fang Shaohua. Of course I have to know the direction of his funds."

Originally, he didn't have the slightest interest in the affairs of Shaohua.

But his fiancee was so worried, even though he promised her not to interfere, how could he not understand Fang Shaohua's movements?

Fang Manxue squeezed a cold sweat.

It turned out that the commander knew about it a long time ago. It seems that nothing can escape the commander's control!

In other words, how did the commander look at them making a fool of themselves?

Fortunately, Weng Jingke came out with a gun, otherwise it would be miserable.

Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai have the same idea.

Weng Jingke cried out in disbelief, "Fang Xinxin, since your elder brother gave the money and you bought a house for him, why did you tell the agent Liu Ling that he is an old man?"

"Please." Fang Xin rolled her eyes in admiration, "I am nineteen years old this year. My elder brother Fang Shaohua is six years older than me. Isn't he six years old? Isn't it too much to call him an old man..."

In the end, the more he spoke, the quieter.

Because she suddenly remembered that Bai Qinghao and Fang Shaohua were in the same year.

Did she say something she shouldn't have said?

"Good." Bai Qinghao's stern face suddenly turned horrible, gritted his teeth, and a word came out of his teeth, squinting Fang Xinxin slightly, "You're an old man six years older? Huh?"

His eyes were sharp like X-rays, and the sharpness seemed to shoot her through.

Fang Xinxin's whole spirit was shaken, and she waved her hand stubbornly, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I am six years older than I am very young, really, such as Commander, you are invincible in the world and stunningly beautiful."

Bai Qinghao's face was unpredictable, and changed a few times, "Don't use Yanzi on men, especially not with me!"

"Yes, yes." Fang Xinxin had enough legs. Not really afraid of him.

Yes... I like him, love him.

The pride and grandeur of this palace let him.

She was so **** and praised him. Bai Qinghao decided not to care about her, but emphasized, "Six years older than you, I am young. Fang Shaohua is an old man!"

"Right to right." Fang Xinxin nodded like green onion, "Master Commander, you are right in everything."

Bai Qinghao touched Fang Xinxin's head with satisfaction.

Seeing the interaction between the two, Weng Jingke felt a little suspicious.

How can an idiot be so familiar with the commander? Can still sit beside Bai Qinghao.

On the contrary, Fang Manxue stood far and cautious.

What she was about to ask, Liu Ling's voice suddenly rang from the phone speaker in her hand, "I heard what you said. So you have misunderstood that Miss Fang Xinxin was taken care of by an old man? I promise Liu Ling, Fang It is true that Miss Xinxin bought a house on behalf of her brother. The six million yuan and the real estate certificate belong to his brother. There is nothing about Miss Fang Xinxin being taken care of by an old man. Because she said that her brother is sometimes old-fashioned, so, He laughed and said that her brother was an old man. I didn't expect to cause such a misunderstanding."