Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 234

Chapter 234:

Fang Manxue was a little nervous in her heart, but her face was unhappy, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, the second sister is still unclear."

"I really don't understand what you are talking about!" Fang Manxue just decided to play stupid.

"Then I will open the skylight to you to speak brightly." Fang Xinxin said straightforwardly, "The person who followed me twelve days ago is basically you. Your big red Ferrari can hide its head, but it can't hide it. Tail. You are the one who bought Liu Ling with a thousand dollars. You borrowed her knife and something went wrong with Weng Jingke. After all, you are a good friend with her. You are not at all guilty?"

"So you thought so!" Fang Manxue was shocked, staring at her suspiciously, without admitting, "Since you guessed it was me, why didn't you pierce me in front of Bai Qinghao?"

"Weng Jingke likes to be your substitute, of course I want adult beauty."

In the last life, she suffered a lot from Weng Jingke, and it was a pleasure to let Weng Jingke finish playing.

As for not exposing Fang Manxue...

It was not that she was soft-hearted, but that Fang Manxue's sins were more than that. If she was dealt with now, the truth of many things would not be revealed.

For example, she was given hormonal drugs for three years, and the acne on her face was not getting better...

Perhaps, even the eldest brother Fang Shaohua's case is also in doubt.

Before the truth of the eldest brother's case is revealed, Fang Manxue still has a little use, and he deserves a more tragic end!

After resurrecting her life, Fang Xinxin was no longer impetuous, but was patient. Before killing her prey, she peeled off her hypocritical skin layer by layer.

Thinking like this in his heart, Fang Xinxin said kindly, "Furthermore, second sister, you are my relatives. Even if you instruct Weng Jingke behind your back, I believe you are only a momentary confusion. Knowing that you are the mastermind. , Bai Qinghao will not let you go, how can I be willing to be punished for my second sister?"

"The third sister!" Fang Manxue hugged Fang Xinxin with a touch of expression. She wanted to admit that she was undefended, "It's me who is not good. I shouldn't instruct Weng..."

"Man Xue, what nonsense are you talking about!" Fang Lilan walked into the living room, and the sharp female voice sounded, "What you haven't done before, what kind of pot do you carry and recognize it!"

Fang Manxue suddenly became sober, and pushed Fang Xinxin away in one fell swoop, and suddenly understood, "You lie to me, you want to confess guilt!"

Fang Xinxin glanced at Fang Lilan regretfully. Jiang was really old and spicy.

She poked one hand in her pocket and held the recording transcript, just about to record what Man Xue admitted to instructing Weng Jingke.

Even if she knew it was Manxue's instigation, what about it, after all, there is no proof, it would be better to have the other party admit it in person.

How could I be reminded by Fang Lilan.

That's it.

These two goods are not fuel-efficient lamps.

"How can I lie to you?" Fang Xinxin smiled, "It's the second sister that you want to admit..."

"I have never admitted anything, don't wrong me!" Fang Manxue almost lost her guard for a while, thinking that the third sister was still the idiot who was obedient.

Now it seems that idiot... two words seem to be irrelevant to her?

Fang Lilan spoke with a serious face, "Well, don't mention Weng Jingke any more, just an outsider."

Fang Xinxin knew that Fang Manxue would no longer be deceived and lose her guard, and simply walked upstairs.

"Xinxin, wait a minute." Fang Lilan stopped her, "Mom has something to ask you!"