Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 235

Chapter 235:

Fang Xinxin stopped and turned to look at her, "What's the matter?"

"Xinxin, come... come and sit." Fang Lilan walked to her, took her hand and sat down on the sofa, "We mother and daughter haven't talked for a long time."

"Yes." Fang Xinxin withdrew her hand and sneered, "It's been almost eight years since I was eleven. Except for you constantly instructing me to do this and that."

"Look at your child, what are you talking about." Fang Lilan glared at her lovingly, "You are a child of mother, and mother asked you to do something, what's the matter? Which one is a child in the world and didn't serve her mother. Ever?"

Fang Xinxin tilted her head, looked up and down her wrinkles, and painted a stiff, white but charming face, "But there are not many mothers in the world, like you..."

Lilan didn't want to hear any bad words, "Didn't the ancients say that people are not sages? Who can do nothing? Mom knows that something was done wrong in the past. Mom is here, and I formally apologize to you. I am your dear. For mom's sake, don't care about mom."

Seeing that she was indifferent, Man Xue also helped and said, "Yes, third sister, we are juniors, no matter what happens, we can't be angry with our mother, right?"

I'm afraid this is your mother, not my mother. Fang Xinxin curled the corners of her lips indifferently, "Some things can't be cleared away by neglecting them."

She would get back all the deep injuries she suffered in the previous life, what she owed Fang Xinxin, her elder brother Fang Shaohua, and even her father Long Yifan!

Fang Lilan also knew that soft talk no longer worked as before, so she asked directly, "I ask you, when did you meet your eldest brother?"

"A few days ago."


"I can't remember the exact date." Fang Xinxin asked back, "What?"

"What's the matter?" Fang Lilan pointed to her head, complaining on her face, "Of course it's you, dead child, go see your eldest brother, and don't call your mother and me. I haven't seen Shaohua in a long time. , I wanted to visit the prison... Just now I called to go to the prison and heard from the prison guards that someone provided Shaohua on parole for medical treatment. Did you do it?"

The tone was full of temptation.

Fang Xinxin looked innocent, spreading both hands, "My elder brother paid a large amount of bail on parole, so how can I have that ability?"

But she did not say that she did it. Not a lie.

Fang Lilan was puzzled, "Who did it?"

"Maybe it's Big Brother's friend, maybe it's someone else?" He spread his hands together, unknowingly.

Fang Lilan narrowed her eyes, "Honestly, did you go to Bai Qinghao?"

Fang Xinxin also didn't want Bai Qinghao to be involved in the Fang family's internal affairs. "It has nothing to do with him. If Commander Bai wants to intervene in the case of Big Brother, it won't wait until today. "

"That's right." As long as it wasn't for Commander Bai to intervene, Fang Lilan's heart was slightly lowered, and she showed a look of concern, "Xinxin, your eldest brother went to the doctor on bail. He was released from prison and didn't see Fang's house. You took his again. Qian helped him buy a house in Hongsheng Community. He went to live in the new house you bought for him? Which house and number one lived in?"

"Big brother doesn't want to tell you, I won't say it."

Fang Lilan became a little angry, "Do you think I can't find it unless you tell it?"

To check it is for money. Fang Xinxin had better let her get no money.