Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 236

Chapter 236:

Not too lazy to listen to her nonsense, got up from the sofa and stepped up to the second floor.

I worked out in the fitness club for three hours before. I was sweating, and I was so sticky that I needed to take a shower.

Fang Lilan glared at her back and said angrily, "Xinxin, you are really becoming more and more presumptuous. You dare to leave before I finish asking. How much did your elder brother give you in total? You got the card at the Saiten Fitness Club Where did one million yuan come from?"

Seeing her disappearing in the corner of the second floor, she was so angry that the roots of her teeth were about to bite.

"Mom, don't ask." Fang Manxue could see it, "That **** wouldn't answer any of your questions at all!"

"It's all you are not up to you!" Fang Lilan pointed angrily at her head, and said sharply, "If you weren't able to hook Bai Qinghao for a long time, your mother, I wouldn't need to be frustrated by this fat idiot!"

Man Xue was also annoyed. "Don't blame me! You can't do anything with her? It's obviously to design her, and I also got a bottle of red wine. Doesn't it hurt?"

"My hand was knocked by a red wine bottle. It's almost better." Fang Manxue finally calmed down, with a gloomy face, "Daughter, that fat idiot used to be easy to handle, but it's not easy to deal with now."

"Huh." Fang Manxue snorted, "Isn't she just relying on Bai Qinghao as a backer, and lawlessness? She leaves Bai Qinghao, she is nothing!"

"So, you must **** Bai Qinghao over." Thinking about being the future mother-in-law of Commander Bai, Li Lan was very excited just thinking about it after she waited for her majesty.

"The midterm exam is less than ten days away." Fang Manxue said with a sarcasm, "Fang Xinxin has such poor grades since childhood, and every year the class is either the last to the bottom or the second to last. She has a bet with me. Yo, Im going to kneel in front of the commander and call each other grandma. You think, someone who is so high on the commander can stand a fiance who calls someone elses grandma? This will kill the commander. You lose all your face!"

"If the elders of the Bai family knew that Fang Xinxin was kneeling in front of you and being a grandson, could she still let her come in?" Fang Lilan thought of this, and she became proud, "Man Xue, your midterm exam results must be better than her. At that time, the position of Madam Commander will be yours!"

"Absolutely!" Fang Manxue looked proud, and didn't put Fang Xinxin in his eyes at all, "As far as her grades are so bad, your daughter, I'm a school bully, just crush her!"

"You can't take it lightly." Fang Lilan confessed, "From tomorrow, you have to go to school every day, listen to class, and review. Everything else is left aside. Winning the exam is the key to Fang Xinxin."


Fang Lilan calculated the corners of her lips, "When the time comes, when Fang Xinxin loses, she will kneel in front of Commander Bai and be your grandson. I will let the reporter quietly film it and publish it so that all the emperors know it. She can't hold her head up all her life!"

Fang Xinxin, who was on the second floor, was about to go downstairs to get something, and just heard Fang Lilan's last words.

You want her to keep her head down for a lifetime, right?


At 7 o'clock in the morning the next morning, the doorbell of Fang's villa was kept ringing.

"Manxue, Manxue!" Lou Yuna kept calling Fang Manxue's name outside the villa, "You come out quickly, I have urgent and important things to tell you!"