Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Manxue Begged Qinghao

Fang Xinxin, who had been running for two hours in the morning, ran to her in sportswear, and said, "You screamed so early, my second sister hasn't gotten up yet."

Lou Yuna gave her a look, "I love to cry, what does it have to do with you!"

Fang Xin rolled her eyes in admiration, "Classmates, I'm afraid you will break your throat, and count me troubled."

With that, he took out the key and opened the door of Fang's villa.

Fang's family actually had servants, but they didn't get permission from the owner, and they didn't dare to let people in easily, so that the property in the villa would not be protected.

After Lou Yuna followed Fang Xinxin into the villa lobby, she wanted to go up to the second floor to find Fang Manxue.

Man Xue was already neatly dressed and put on delicate makeup and walked down from the second floor, and asked with a caring look, "Yuna, what happened?"

Lou Yuna took out her mobile phone and clicked on a video to show her, eagerly, "Look at this... Last night Weng Jingke didn't know what went crazy, and she actually broadcasted chishi. Now the whole school morning, classmates, friends This video went viral, and the whole school almost saw the video of her eating shi!"

Fang Manxue originally wanted to say that this was all caused by Fang Xinxin, but when she realized that she borrowed Weng Jingkes knife, it failed and caused the consequences, so she changed her statement, "Maybe Jingke was playing around? Maybe it was. What food that looks like shit..."

"No, no, no." Lou Yuna shook her head, "Many classmates have deliberately refined, slowed down, and analyzed the video, without any part of the composition and color. What Weng Jingke eats is shit! And..."

After a pause, he said anxiously, "What's even more terrifying is that Weng's enterprise went bankrupt overnight. You can read the news again..."

I clicked on a few news pages, "Todays Morning Post is that Wengs enterprise went bankrupt overnight and has been taken over by the debt company. Weng Jingkes parents have been detained in prison for commercial crimes. Yesterday, Wengs enterprise was fine. How could it become like this!"

Fang Manxue was stunned for a moment, and suddenly remembered what Bai Qinghao had said:

"Weng Rong is not strict in teaching women, and there is no need for Weng's enterprise to exist."

"Before in the Sai Teng Club, Weng Jingke owed Xinxin's account and has not paid it back!"

Although we knew that Weng Jingke would end up like this, Fang Manxue felt unbelievable when the facts were really in front of us.

Bai Qinghao was so merciless for Fang Xinxin!

What is so good about an ugly fat girl!

While she was jealous of Fang Xinxin, she deeply felt the monstrous and powerful power of Bai Qinghao! She became more determined to get Bai Qinghao.

"After all, Weng's is also a small-headed medium-sized enterprise. Who is it, so capable, can he get rid of it by raising her hand?" Lou Yuna was curious.

"Besides Bai Qinghao in the imperial capital, who else has such great ability?" Fang Manxue didn't intend to hide it from her.

"He..." Lou Yuna didn't dare to provoke her at all, "But, Man Xue, he is your fiance, and Jing Ke is our good friend. How can you let him do this? You have to stop it! "

"It was Jing Ke and their family that caused the Bai family." Fang Manxue looked sad and helpless, "No one can change Qing Hao's order. I know you are worried about Jing Ke, but who made their family hit the stone with an egg to offend Where is the Bai family?"


"Don't be it." Fang Manxue made a silent gesture, "Actually, I've already interceded. If it weren't for me to intercede, the Weng family might not even be able to find a pile of ashes!"