Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 238

Chapter 238:

Lou Yuna thinks about it. Bai Qinghao had the nickname of Dark Death in the emperor, and many people who offended him disappeared for no reason. In contrast, the Weng family is not the worst, at least still dead.

Seeing that she didn't want to mention more, she didn't force it anymore.

The Fang's servant has already prepared breakfast.

"You haven't eaten breakfast yet? Let's have some together." Fang Manxue invited politely.

Lou Yuna looked weird when she saw all the deep-fried dough sticks, fried chicken drumsticks, and even the rice. "Why do you eat so greasy breakfast?"

Fang Manxue paused, but forgot to hide it.

I cant say that I can only eat this for the next three months, right?

"Oh, Qinghao thinks I am too skinny, so he wants me to eat a little fatter, so I thought, I can grow more meat if I eat some greasy food."

Doubts flashed in Lou Yuna's eyes, "I heard from the outside that you, your mother, and your second uncle, you can only eat ten greasy foods for three months. Could it be true?"

If so, then these three people bought other food outside, and the report was rewarded with 5 million yuan!

Compared to classmates and friends. Five million is obviously more tempting.

Fang Manxue certainly refuses to admit it, "I have always had a stable relationship with Qinghao, dont listen to people outside. You also know that I always love beauty, hate those greasy foods, and dont want to gain weight at all, but Qinghao He wants me to be fatter. For the sake of my beloved man, I wont be embarrassed to eat some fat-prone food. I dont know what those boring people outside are telling me.


Fang Manxue saw that she believed it, and added, "Yuna, I was engaged to Qinghao since childhood. The relationship is indeed much deeper than that of ordinary people. The lintel of the Bai family is too high, and not everyone can climb it. I can be lucky. To become his fiance will inevitably be jealous of many villains."

He ridiculed himself and cast aside the corners of his lips, his eyes showed a hint of helplessness, "Even my own third sister is jealous."

"Why does Fang Xinxin have the right to be jealous of you?" Lou Yuna has always been the same enemy with her, "Just because of her fat and ugly appearance, she is simply not worthy of carrying shoes for Commander Bai. Don't worry, your marriage to Commander Bai It is the dead grandmother of the Bai family who is the master, no one can change it."

"Yeah." Man Xue nodded like aggrieved.

Carrying a bag, Fang Xinxin, who was about to go out, was inexplicably cast an angry look at Lou Yuna, knowing that Fang Manxue must have said something bad in his back.

In the previous life, under Fang Manxue's secret instigation, Fang Xinxin did not lose much of the loss of Weng Jingke and Lou Yuna.

Now that we have planted a Weng Jingke, the surname Lou dare to provoke her, and will never let her feel better!

"Sanmei, where are you going?" Fang Manxue asked.

"go to school."

"It's ten kilometers away from the school, how do you get there?"

"There is no need for the second sister to worry about it." Fang Xinxin said, and went out.

Fang Manxue was tired of eating those greasy foods a long time ago. During this time, he basically didn't eat breakfast.

After asking Lou Yuna if she was not eating at Fang's family, she drove her dazzling Ferrari out of the door of Fang's villa.

Lou Yuna, who was sitting in the passenger seat, saw her gaze at both sides of the street from time to time, and couldn't help asking, "Manxue, what are you looking for?"

"Looking for my third sister, she said she was going to school from home, so far. I don't worry, I want to take her for a ride."

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