Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 239

Chapter 239:

"Man Xue, you are so kind. Your third sister is so jealous of you, and you want to take the position of Bai Qinghao's fiancee. You still think about her." Lou Yuna was angry when she mentioned it, "She doesn't take any urine Look in the mirror, just how disgusting and fat she is, how can Commander Bai look at her?"

"No way, no matter what, she is my sister." Fang Manxue showed a helpless look, and it earned Lou Yuna's sympathy.

Driving slowly on the street in the car, searching the street unceasingly, I finally saw Fang Xinxin running with a bag on the sidewalk ahead.

Xinxin was so fat in front that she was panting for two steps, as if she was about to die.

He was so fat that he was so swollen that he couldn't even walk.

just now

It's a few kilometers from Fang's house to this place. This fat **** has ran so far without a kick. It's quite vigorous.

It seems that during this period of time, fat people have strengthened their exercise and fitness, and the effect has been achieved.

This fat guy has lost almost 30 catties.

If this continues, it is not impossible to lose weight to eight or ninety catties.

Fang Manxue would never allow Fang Xinxin to thin into a normal figure, and quickly leaned the car in Fang Xinxin's direction, rolled down the car window, and kept playing the horn.

Fang Xinxin stopped running, stood on the sidewalk, and looked at her sideways, "Second sister, what's the matter?"

When Fang Manxue drove the car to her side and stopped, Fang Manxue said, "Look at you, the third sister, I ran with sweat in the morning, get in the car, and the second sister will drive you to school."

"No trouble." She faintly refused, and she ran up again.

Man Xue had to drive the car slowly while shouting to her from the inside of the car, "Here is a few kilometers away from the school!"

Fang Xinxin didn't think that the second sister was thinking about it, she really gave her a free ride.

I still remember, in the memory, she felt that the second sister's red Ferrari car was so cool, and she wanted to take a ride. Unexpectedly, the second sister said that at that time.

"Xinxin, you see that you are so fat, and your face is so ugly... The second sister is not afraid that you will lose face when you ride in my car. Heroes take beautiful women, and sweet cars match beautiful women. You alone are enough to point people. Click it. Wouldn't others laugh at you more and look at you even more if you were sitting in such a nice car? Come on, this is five yuan. You can take a taxi to school."

Fang Manxue kindly handed her a five yuan RMB.

At that time, she said, "Second sister, five yuan is not enough to pay..."

"What's the matter? Just take the bus."

"If you want to transfer, five yuan is not enough to go back and forth..."

"Walking for a few stops, not changing the train is not enough." Fang Manxue even took five yuan back, "I think you should not go to school, anyway, you will be treated like a monkey, and you will lose yourself. The face doesn't matter, the key is that you lost the Fang family's face, and even your beautiful second sister was laughed at."

"Sorry, second sister..."

How humble she was at that time.

In order to prevent her beautiful second sister from being laughed at, Fang Xinxin really rarely goes to school.

Fang Xinxin recovered from the memory, and said to the second sister who was still driving next to her, "Second sister did two hours of exercise in the morning, and then ran for 10 kilometers, she could lose more than a catty a day. Excuse me, please."

After losing weight so quickly, Fang Manxue heard it, like a sting in his throat, "You have to take your time to lose weight. You can't worry about it. Second sister, you can't worry about running so far."