Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 241

Chapter 241:

Fang Xinxin, who was running, almost hit him, but fortunately, he stopped in time, and stopped one step away from him, and fixed his eyes on the person who suddenly blocked the road-Jiang Xingnan.

The son of the principal of this school looks like a dude every day.

The whole school knew that he hated three women most.

Fat, ugly, stupid.

In the eyes of everyone, Fang Xinxin had collected all three things.

People often joked about her with Jiang Xingnan, saying that it was so difficult for her to gather the three advantages he hated. They were the ape dung created by the heavens. Let him do a good job and treat it as a good deed and marry Fang Xinxin.

Jiang Xingnan was proud and arrogant, and surrounded by beautiful girls, she said that she would not marry a beautiful woman who had no idea, but she had a concave, convex, and stylish figure, and she was slim and moving.

Taking him on the side of Fang Xinxin simply caused his arrogance to be greatly humiliated.

Therefore, every time Jiang Xingnan saw her, he hated and disliked her very much, and she had to deal with her a little bit of hatred.

Fang Xinxin didn't reply to what he meant, and took a step to the left, preparing to leave.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xingnan took another step to the left, "Do you dare to answer what the young master asked you?"

It is not only that his father is the principal, but his mother is the chairman of the Jiang Group, a well-known and profitable rich young master.

Moreover, the principal's husband and wife have always had a son, and they are very fond of this son, which has also contributed to his lawless personality since he was a child.

"Shao Jiang, Fang Xinxin came from Fang's family for a run." Lou Yuna walked over and said with a smile, "Don't tell me, she has perseverance, and actually ran ten kilometers."

"Isn't that the first ugly and fat woman in our school, Fang Xinxin?" Several other classmates noticed what happened here and gathered around. Some people were surprised and said, "I heard that she rarely comes to school, why come today? Up?"

"Oh, I knew that the Fang family had two strange scars. My sister Fang Manxue was beautiful and generous, and she was always a tyrant from childhood. My younger sister was so ugly that everyone was angry, and she was very big. She actually saw two people at the same time, it's rare!"

More students gathered around and whispered.

Fang Xinxin knew she would be watched.

In the past, she would feel low self-esteem, perhaps because she suffered too many injuries in the previous life. After rebirth, she didn't care about these remarks.

However, I don't like the low look of these people.

If the acne on her face is cured, the fat is reduced, and the stunning looks are restored, these people will have to lose their glasses one by one!

Jiang Xingnan looked like Fang Xinxin was a plague god, and flicked back a step with disgust, "Fang Xinxin, you are so ugly, so fat, and so close to me, do you want to eat my tofu?"

His exaggerated behavior caused a burst of laughter from the onlookers.

Fang Xinxin was provoked to anger, "You old Caipi, who rarely eats your tofu?"

"Yo, don't open your pig's eyes and look, this young master is so handsome, how many times have you soaked this young master in delusion?" Jiang Xingnan coldly snorted disdainfully, "I can warn you, don't give me ideas!"

"The delusion attack." Fang Xinxin rolled her eyes.

At this time, someone noticed, "Why are they all from the Fang family? Fang Manxue drove a Ferrari, and Fang Xinxin ran over on foot? The Fang family is too kind, right?"

Lou Yuna was indignant, "Dear students, you don't know that Man Xue kindly let Fang Xinxin ride a ride, but she didn't worry about her. She drove slowly and kindly and followed her all the way. She herself refused to take the car."