Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 243

Chapter 243: There Is An Old Monster In Class Three

Jiang Xingnan shot her annoyed gaze at her, "Don't think you are Fang Xinxin's second sister, I will look at your face and spare her!"

"Shao Jiang, you are the brother of the entire campus, and I respect you. But you don't need to look at me for mercy." Fang Manxue sighed with a helpless expression, "Do you know? My third sister said many times, let her not provoke you, and avoid you when she sees you. She has to listen to persuasion. She also told me that you are an incompetent ruffian. She also said that your academic performance is in front of the class Third, its not your own ability at all. It is the school teacher who deliberately gave you water because your father was the principals face. He also said that you have a vicious and stinky mouth..."

"Special, dare to say that to me!" Jiang Xingnan was furious, "I have good grades, that's an extraordinary talent, let him go! Fang Xinxin's ugly fat lady, see if I don't kill her!"

Angrily left.

Classmate Yu Liang also hurriedly followed, "Brother Nan, I will help you clean her up!"

Fang Manxue looked at the backs of the two who were so angry that they were breathing fire, and the corners of her lips curled up with a stern smile.

After losing Weng Jingke's knife, a bigger machete came out.

Looking at the abnormal smile on the corner of her lips, Lou Yuna asked suspiciously, "Man Xue, did your third sister really say those things?"

"Of course." Fang Manxue said firmly, "She not only said it, but also said it many times. I think she must hate Jiang Xingnan for always taunting her, so she always talks about him secretly."

He raised his eyebrows displeasedly, "What? Yuna, don't you believe what I said? You don't know me, since I was a child, I have never lied."

"Xin Xin Xin." Lou Yuna said with her arm, "I am not good, so I shouldn't ask this question."

"Okay, class time is coming soon, let's go to the classroom."


A few minutes ago, Fang Xinxin walked into the classroom. There were a few vacant seats in the classroom because some students had skipped class or hadn't arrived yet, and the rest of the seats were basically full.

When she walked into the classroom, almost all the classmates paid attention to her.

"Wow...Why is Fang Xinxin here! Doesn't she see a few people in a semester?"

"It's still so ugly, the pockmark on her face can make me spit it out overnight..."

"Oh, look at that plump figure... Nima, shame our sophomore and third class!"

All the classmates were whispering, looking at Fang Xinxin's eyes, they were full of disgust.

In the past, Fang Xinxin always couldn't figure it out. It was just that she was a little fat and ugly, and she was so low-key that she would not make the whole class hate her, and even the whole school would laugh at her for fun.

In the previous life, when she was still in college, she bumped into her second sister several times behind her back and talked badly about her.

At that time, she was very sad and asked why she did it.

The second sister said that she had been challenged by others.

As far as she saw it, the second sister was behind the scenes.

The strange look and ridicule of the classmates.

Fang Xinxin was too lazy to follow them one by one, and walked into her seat deaf ears. Only after three steps, a classmate named Liu Xu stood up and sang loudly at Fang Xinxin, "Class one is good, class two is bad. , There is an old monster in Class Three!"

The gesture was sung by Fang Xinxin, and fools knew that the old monster was talking about Fang Xinxin.