Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 246

Chapter 246:

I looked around and found that her desk had been moved to the far right corner of the classroom.

Moreover, the previous few vacancies were also occupied one after another, and there was no student who was absent from Dong Yuzhu's class!

Dong Yuzhu stood in front of the podium and said sternly, "Fang Xinxin, class time is up, what are you doing standing there!"

All the classmates sat peacefully in their positions.

Only Fang Xinxin stood on the aisle between the desks, punching her eyes and abruptly.

She turned around and saw Dong Yuzhu's face of the middle-aged woman with heavy makeup full of disgust.

She has always been very low-key, she didn't return to the sitting position for a while, and she wouldn't make Teacher Dong so annoying, right?

Seeing that the other party is a lecturer, she is still respectful and authentic, "I will return to my seat."

Walking to the front of the classroom, bypassing the podium, and walking through the passage between the desks on the far right, she came to her seat.

Someone painted a face with chalk on the desktop, and the face was full of pockmarks. Apparently the prankster was mocking her as a pockmarked face.

Is there not a pockmark on her face? It's just a sea of acne, I can't see the outline.

Nothing, I don't want to cause trouble.

She took out a paper towel and wiped the tabletop clean.

I just wanted to sit on a chair, but found that a thin layer of glue was applied to the chair.

Don't think about it, if she is not careful, she sits down without getting stuck?

Taking off the backpack on her back, she took out a newspaper she had read in the morning and placed it on the chair. She took a seat.

Liu Xu looked at her with some regret before taking her seat with a newspaper. It was a waste of his bottle of super glue.

I thought I would see Fatty Fang sticking to her buttocks, even if the fabric was torn, she couldn't get rid of the chair.

The expression he turned to look at fell exactly in Fang Xinxin's eyes.

She vomited a silent spoken word at him, "Mentally retarded!"

Liu Xu turned back blankly.

Jiang Xingnan has been paying attention to Fang Fei's wife, naturally seeing the situation, and thinking Liu Xu is naive.

How does this method of rectifying pupils apply in universities?

He would make Fang Fat Po cry for his father and mother when he shot.

"Before the formal lecture, I have to say it!" Dong Mingzhu stern voice, "University class is a place for everyone to learn knowledge, not a hotel or restaurant. Whoever wants to patronize it, but if you dont want to come, you cant see it several times in a semester. Silhouette!"

When speaking, Fang Xinxin's eyes were directed towards Fang Xinxin, and the whole class knew that it was her.

Fang Xinxin also knew that she was wrong, so she didn't say anything.

Dong Yuzhu said again, "Okay, let's start the class now. This issue is about advanced French, guided by the concept of communicative pedagogy, we will study linguistics in an all-round way..."

Forty-five minutes in a class, everyone listened more carefully because of Teacher Dong's strictness.

The bell rang after class, perhaps because Fang Xinxin rarely came to class, but none of the students who used to walk out of the classroom actually left.

"Fang Xinxin, come to my office!" Dong Yuzhu called.

Fang Xinxin followed her to the office.

In the office, there are several other teachers and professors.

Dong Yuzhu sat on the chair at the office desk, glanced at her, and said with a disgusting expression, "You take the initiative to drop out of school."

"Why?" Fang Xinxin looked surprised.

"You still have the face to ask why! Your grades are in a mess, and you have failed four subjects, which is a shame for Class 3."