Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 247

Chapter 247:

Fang Xinxin regrets her previous study attitude, "Isn't it possible to make up the exams if you fail to take a course? You know, it's hard to get to the best key university in the empire, and it is impossible to drop out if you have to last resort. Please don't persuade Mr. Dong easily. Retreat."

Several other teachers in the office also said, "Ms. Dong, if you have anything to say, its not good to persuade students to withdraw easily."

The doors and windows of the office were crowded with students who were eavesdropping and listening with elongated ears.

Obviously, everyone is very curious about Fang Feipo.

After all, her business has always been a top-notch gossip for the whole school, and everyone likes first-hand information.

Seeing the disagreement in the eyes of several colleagues, Dong Yuzhu became angry, "Don't act like I bully the students. Other students may be admitted to Beijing University very hard and hard. Fang Xinxin No. She didn't get admitted to Beijing University at all. Her college entrance examination results were so bad that she was able to go to Beijing University, but she paid a shameful price!"

"Wow..." The crowded students outside the door and window boiled!

Even the teachers in the entire office were surprised.

Jiang Xingnan was also standing outside the office to'Ming Ting', and Yu Liang asked him, "Brother Nan, what shameful price Fang Xinxin paid? Isn't it her and your principal father..."

"What nonsense!" Jiang Xingnan gave him a sharp eye. "Jingda can't be bought with money. Even if a woman gets on my dad's bed, it is impossible to get into Jingda because of this. In addition to grades, Do you think the reputation of the key universities in the imperial capital is blowing?"

"Then..." What else did Yu Liang want to ask.

Jiang Xingnan said, "Don't ask me, since Fang Xinxin didn't get admitted to Beijing University, I don't know how she got in. I think that fat lady is so unpleasant. If I knew it, I would say it in my freshman year. How about waiting now? "

Everyone heard Jiang Xingnan's words clearly, and what he said was the truth.

If Fang Xinxin was not admitted, how could she enter Jinghua University? Everyone is even more curious.

Fang Xinxin sighed inwardly.

Exactly the same as the previous life.

Dong Yuzhu was here again to persuade her to leave her, and all the students in the class were listening out.

Dong Yuzhu, an old woman who married an elementary school teacher, divorced every day because of her husband's lack of skills.

She is over forty by herself, and if someone else had been judged as a professor.

Not to mention the professor, the associate professor did not comment on one.

She strengthened a lot of big bosses secretly, thinking of becoming Mrs. Fumen, but was abandoned every time.

Over time, my heart is twisted. On the surface, it is jealous as hatred.

If Fang Xinxin listened to Teacher Dongs words according to the development of the previous life, Fang Xinxin would leave the office crying. Soon, news of her being taken care of by unknown people would fly all over the school forum.

The whole school thought she was a scumbag.

Fang Xinxin's expression was flat and unremarkable, "Then I ask Mr. Dong to explain clearly the so-called shameful price I paid."

Dong Yuzhu stared at her incredulously, "Fang Xinxin, you are really shameless. Then don't blame me for not giving you any face!"

"Stop talking nonsense."

"What is your attitude?" Dong Yuzhu was angry, like a hedgehog, "This is how you talk to the teacher? What about your upbringing?"

"It's arbitrarily slandering the Beijing University, which I paid a shameful price, and it has caused a great loss to my reputation. Don't you have the education?"