Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Persuade

"Wow... Fang Manxue, as Fang Xinxin's relatives, doesn't help her anymore." A student whispered, "Jing University has never seen a case of a student beating a teacher. It seems that the gods cannot save Fang Xinxin. Up!"

Fang Xinxin glanced at Fang Manxue crowded in the pile of students in the corridor, and the other party replied with a look of "you are dead".

She withdrew her eyes disdainfully.

All the teachers and professors in the office who hadn't expressed their opinions have stood on the united front. Ma Yongting, director of the Political and Education Office, said, "Fang Xinxin, Beijing University has always been a fair and reasonable place. If you talked hard just now, maybe the school can keep you, but... Beijing University will definitely not tolerate a student who can work with the teacher. You should drop out of school."

"Why is it so easy for her to drop out of school?" Dong Yuzhu clutched her swollen cheek, with swollen five-finger marks, printed on her face with a few layers of powder, which was particularly conspicuous. Everyone has seen it with their own eyes, I want to call the police and let her be detained!"

He was beaten by a student, and he was really embarrassed. He was the worst and ugliest student in the school!

"This is of course no problem." Director Ma Yongting said, "This is your right, Teacher Dong."

"Director Ma, you have been the director of the Political and Education Office for many years, and you have always handled things fairly." Fang Xinxin said calmly, "Today is such a big trouble, in front of so many students, you always have to give me a chance to explain. ."

Dong Yuzhu was so angry that her eyeballs almost breathed fire, "You want to quibble when you hit someone? Go straight to the prison to argue!"

He said that he would take out his cell phone to call the police.

Fang Xinxin said, "Hurry up and report the case. I'm afraid you won't be able to get out if you get in, and you will lose your job as a lecturer!"

"You really depend on being raised by a rich man, so you can't be lawless!" Dong Yuzhu was so angry, "I have taught and educated people for so many years. I have never seen a student beating a teacher and being so rampant..."

Everyone looked at Fang Xinxin with hatred, like she was an unpardonable sinner.

Just when everyone thought Fang Xinxin was dead, Fang Xinxin sighed sadly, "I have never seen a teacher who hurts people first, and the wicked sue first."

Dong Yuzhu was dissatisfied, "Fang Xinxin, when did I hurt you? You obviously slapped me. There are so many eyes, but you can see clearly."

Just as the others were about to agree, Fang Xinxin lifted up her sleeves directly, revealing her wrists that were neither white nor yellow. There was a clear red mark on it, and there was a light blood mark on the red mark, "As a Student, Fang Xinxin absolutely respects the teacher. That is also respect for the teacher who is worthy of admiration. Not like Dong Yuzhu..."

He glanced at Dong Yuzhu in disgust, "Look at the pinch marks on my wrist. With so many eyes just now, I was pinched by Lecturer Dong first. Not only did I pinch a big mark, but her nails were better than monsters. , And pinched my hand to bleed! I admit that I beat her, but she pinched me first. She allowed her to physically hurt the students, and the students were not allowed to defend themselves?"

The crowded students in the hallway outside all stared at her wrists.

"Yes..." A student echoed, "Just now Teacher Dong pinched Fang Xinxin first. I thought she didn't know how to catch someone. No wonder Fang Xinxin was going to hit someone."