Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Dong Yuzhu's First Hand

Dong Yuzhu likes to tell parents about students' blackness.

Unlike other teachers, she informs parents and students of misbehavior at school for the sake of the students.

She is the kind who likes to add fuel and jealousy, to make small matters serious, and to discredit students, with the purpose of establishing majesty in front of students.

It did, but it also caused a lot of disgust from students.

By the way, many parents think she is very good, so they eat her.

Some students have suffered from her injustice and have nowhere to complain. They are holding their breath, and some people say, "Why don't you say that Teacher Dong will wipe out Shitai? Can the claws of extermination Shitai be disadvantageous?"

"Seeing some blood is considered light, serious, don't be cut by her Heavenly Sword!"

When this was said, a large group of students laughed.

"Who, who said I'm the extinct teacher!" Dong Yuzhu's sharp eyes glared at the students, thinking that everyone would not dare to recognize it, Jiang Xingnan responded with a grin, "I said."

"You..." Dong Yuzhu was angry and angry, but finally gave a helpless expression, "Xiao Nan, don't go around with everyone."

He didn't mean to blame at all, but when he called Jiang Xingnan's name, his tone was full of concern.

It would be strange if she changed other students without being severely criticized.

The typical worship is high and low.

Who didn't know that she couldn't be judged for several years... Associate Professor, I got to the principal with a crooked mind, and wanted to comment on a good relationship with the principal.

Even the principal's only son Jiang Xingnan was flattered by her in every possible way.

But if the principal doesn't buy it, he hides when he sees her.

This behavior has long been spread privately in schools, and it has made many people shameless.

Many people despised Dong Yuzhu's sharp eyes, so she had to slander and withdraw her gaze.

At this time, the class bell rang, and several teachers who had classes wanted to walk out of the office door. However, the corridor was crowded with students, and the students had no intention of going to class.

Seeing this, Ma Yongting made a decisive decision, "Okay, let's get back to business, and deal with Fang Xinxin's affairs quickly, so as not to affect everyone in class."

He glanced at Fang Xinxins injured wrist, and then at Dong Yuzhus swollen face, "Teacher Dong, although Fang Xinxin hit you, it was indeed your first hand. In terms of words and deeds, you are a good example of others. It is absolutely forbidden to act on students, and there is no stipulation that students cannot resist."

"But..." Dong Yuzhu wanted to say something, Ma Yongting interrupted her, "The first one is always irrelevant. Besides, you are still a teacher. It is recommended that you do not call the police. It is an internal dispute to deal with and expand outward. You are not good."

"Yes." Even if Dong Yuzhu is not reconciled, he can't violate the director's will, lest he is even more hopeless to be named an associate professor.

Ma Yongting said to Xinxin, "You said you were not nurtured, but you were talking about why a man who has no blood relationship with you would be willing to spend 100 million for you?"

"Yes, and how did she become a student of Jingda when she failed to pass the college entrance examination before?" Wu Jiatong, who was among the students outside, asked questions.

"I have had a fianc since I was a child. He is excellent in both family background and character," Fang Xinxin said, "I failed the college entrance examination the year before, and I thought I could no longer continue studying."

At that time, her mother Fang Lilan told her that it would be a waste of money for a scumbag like her to continue to go to school, and it was embarrassing, so it was better to go out of society to find a job.