Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Paid 100 Million For Her To Go To School

Although she still wanted to study, her mother's decision was reluctant to approve of her.

"My fianc feels sorry for me and sponsored 100 million yuan at a famous foreign university. To get me a student status at a foreign university, I came to Beijing University as an exchange student. And through transfer, I became an official student of Beijing University. This is what I call the ulterior secret that Teacher Dong said."

After a pause, Fang Xinxin continued, "Yes, my fianc paid 100 million yuan for my schooling. Its not uncommon for students abroad to get admission letters by paying more sponsorship fees. However, My fianc is wealthy and he paid a little more for the sponsorship. But this has nothing to do with Jinghua University. Jingda is still a university in the capital that everyone aspires to. I am not taken care of, and I dont think I am a transfer school. The students who came here tarnished the reputation of Beijing University."

In her previous life, she looked like a silly B. After entering the campus, she suffered so many cold faces and insults.

Under Fang Manxue and Fang Lilan's instigation, she counted these accounts on Bai Qinghao's head, thinking that if it were not for his troubles, she would not bear them.

He was never grateful for the 100 million he paid.

In fact, what happened on campus has nothing to do with him.

He made her not only a high school student, but a student of Jinghua University that everyone envied.

When she woke up, she really felt sorry for Bai Qinghao's efforts. Knowing him is really good for her.

Following the trajectory of her previous life, she was accused of being nurtured today, and the school decided to expel her. Later, Bai Qinghao would secretly use her power to suppress her.

Throughout the four years of university, she had to be expelled from the school repeatedly. Under Bai Qinghao's intervention, in the end, she still graduated from Beijing University.

But when teachers and students on campus mentioned her, they all thought she was a taint of Beijing University, and even the reputation of Bai Qinghao was damaged a lot.

Therefore, in this life, even if she does not rely on Bai Qinghao, she absolutely must wash away all the stigma, become a woman capable of self-protection, and win some glory for him...

After hearing Fang Xinxin's words, the teachers in the office and the students watching the excitement in the corridor were all quiet.

"Is what she said is true?" Jiang Xingnan, who was standing outside the door leaning on the door frame, asked.

"Of course it's fake." Dong Yuzhu said angrily. "She was just a Beijing University who had spent a hundred million yuan to raise her. She is not an exchange student at all!"

Jiang Xingnan was unhappy. "Teacher Dong, you have to speak responsibly. What do you mean, which one in Beijing University has suffered? If so, I guess everyone thinks my principal's father is the most suspicious?"

Although Dong Yuzhu thought so, she tried her best to deny, "I didn't say that the principal accepted bribes."

"My dad is fair and honest, and gave birth to my son. Thank God every day. The money my mom runs in the company can't be spent at all, and my dad can't take bribes!" Jiang Xingnan doesn't look at the usual daddy, the key is The moment is very short-term.

Fang Xinxin had anticipated the current situation early, and took out a receipt stamped by a foreign university from her pocket. The number on it showed that there were eight zeros behind one one. "Please watch. My fiance used me. When I sponsored 100 million in the name of Beijing University, a receipt was issued. No one in Beijing University accepted bribes because of my studies. Whoever scolds you, curse why certain foreign universities accept sponsorships. But please also respect the different rules of different countries. Be merciful."

Dong Yuzhu also understood that Fang Xinxin did not lie. After all, the authenticity of the receipt can be verified by calling.

But it was really unacceptable. Seeing this, it was me who was unlucky!

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