Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Remembered

Fang Xinxin asked her back, "Mr. Dong, don't you always care about students the most? Why don't you even know that I am an exchange student?"

"I..." She bit her lip. How can you notice that Fang Xinxin has so much trouble!

"That's right. She doesn't even know that Fang Xinxin's exchange student transfers school. She usually cares about students so much, it's just hypocritical!" said a student crowded in the corridor, and the others echoed.

Suddenly, more people hated Dong Yuzhu.

Dong Yu's face was blue and white, very ugly.

Ma Yongting said in a deep voice, "Well, everyone! I announce that Fang Xinxin will not be expelled. Lecturer Dong Yuzhu and Fang Xinxin will not be held accountable for each other. The matter ends here."

"That's it?" Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows, obviously not satisfied with the results.

Ma Yongting asked seriously, "Fang Xinxin, what else are you dissatisfied with?"

"Director Ma, you are partial." Fang Xinxin pointed out, "I don't need to hold accountable for other things, but Mr. Dong slandered me for being taken care of, which caused great harm to my reputation. I asked her to ask her immediately. I apologize"

"Fang Xinxin, you don't want to be an inch!" Dong Yuzhu would not bow to such a disgusting and ugly student.

"Lecturer Dong, don't worry, I haven't finished speaking yet." Fang Xinxin continued to add, "Furthermore, I asked the school to record a penalty for Lecturer Dong!"

"On this small matter," Dong Yuzhu said dissatisfied, "Director Ma, don't listen to her, I was also misled by Fang Lilan. To bear the greatest responsibility, Fang Xinxin's mother Fang Lilan should pay it!"

"I don't care who is misleading you." Fang Xinxin said calmly, "As a university lecturer, you are so indiscriminate to slander students. Today, Fang Xinxin has a strong heart. If we change to a girl with a weak mentality If you are wronged, maybe you will get depression, and if it gets worse, you will commit suicide directly. Have you thought about these consequences?"

I stretched out my hand and gestured to so many students outside the office doors and windows, "Director Ma, you said that you slandered me in front of so many students, and made the teachers and students unable to go to class normally, and delayed everyone's schoolwork. All are caused by Lecturer Dong Yes. Shouldn't the school remember it for her?"

"Yes." Ma Yongqiang said to Dong Yuzhu sternly, "Lecturer Dong, on behalf of the school, I will formally notify you and record the punishment. I ask you to apologize to Fang Xinxin immediately in front of everyone!"

Dong Yuzhu's face was pale, and an apology would make her lose face!

If she remembered, then she wouldn't want to comment on the associate professor!

"I'm not satisfied..." Ma Yongting added just what she was about to say, "If you don't obey the school's sanctions, you will only make the matter worse. In the end, nothing can be changed. Obey the label of organizational discipline."

At this point, Dong Yuzhu could only black face, gritted his teeth and squeezed out Fang Xinxin from his teeth, "I'm sorry!"

Apologize, but his eyes are poisonous enough to kill.

Fang Xinxin also didn't deliberately make things difficult, she understood the truth of enough.

"Wow..." The students outside the office dropped their jaws in shock.

"Master Exterminator actually expelled Fang Xinxin and failed. I apologized, the wonders of the world!"

"Look at her unwilling and unwilling look! Don't you just ask her to hit her in the foot and deserve it!"