Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Xing Nan's Tricks

"Don't you know? Fang Xinxin offended a brother, and the first brother said cruelly and said to clean up her! Go with her, are you afraid of being involved by her?"

"Wow, my brother wants to clean up her? Then she is dead!" Several students who were close to Fang Xinxin ran away and stopped after confirming a safe distance.

Fang Xinxin walked in the direction of the school cafeteria nonchalantly. She was hungry and was going to have lunch.

After turning a corner and changing the road, I found that at least a dozen students were following her not far away.

She understands these good things, and she wants to stare at her.

Some people also held up their mobile phones to shoot, obviously wanting to record her tragic moment.

Passing under a large leafy tree, a long, winding object suddenly fell from the tree. Seeing that it was about to hit Zhong Fang Xinxin, she suddenly moved aside very quickly.

The long object fell directly to the ground, winding a black body.

Fang Xinxin walked forward as if there was nothing wrong with him, without even looking at the suddenly falling object.

But behind her, the people who followed her were startled, "Ah, snake!"

"A snake fell from the tree, it's scary!"

"Oh my god, I didn't do this by Brother Yi? Almost hit China Xinxin..."

Jiang Xingnan stood on the third floor of a teaching building, holding a telescope and watching, like a big figure remotely commanding the overall situation.

Seeing Fang Xinxin escaped, she curled her lips with regret.

He took out his cell phone, made a call, and yelled, "How come you didn't hit anyone? Waste!"

People were hidden in the tree beforehand, and the snake jumped off the other side of the trunk and ran.

"Sorry, Master Jiang, she suddenly took a step faster."

"It's still useful to pick up the snake for this young master without smashing Chinese Xinxin."

Someone answered, "Yes."


Fang Xinxin passed by the commissary, and after thinking about it, she felt it necessary to take preventive measures.

So, I spent fifteen dollars to buy the cheapest umbrella, and some small things.

Passing by a teaching building, suddenly a classmate poured a bucket of liquid from the window.

She was about to shower the Chinese party Xinxin. She opened the umbrella at the same time and poured liquid on the umbrella, but she did not get it.

"Wow...it's dangerous!" More than a dozen classmates who wanted to watch the excitement were stunned and all sighed, "It's really safe to stay away from her!"

Fang Xinxin sniffed the unpleasant odor from the top of the umbrella and the pool of liquid on the ground. It was actually urine!

If this is poured on people, it won't be stinking.

Jiang Xingnan is an excessive gadget...

Pass by the trash can, poke the umbrella that blocked the urine, and put it into the trash can.

Looking at Fang Xinxin's back, the students who followed her were a little bit afraid of being killed by the fish, so they didn't dare to follow.

There are still five or six bold, following like a lively watch.

Fang Xinxin passed a piece of grass, sharply spotting an abnormality in one of them.

If you don't look closely, it doesn't matter. If you look closely, the color of the grass on the surface of the two squares is slightly different from the others. Obviously it is not grass, but two squares of grass-like mouse sticking agent.

As big as two squares, it is estimated that it will be stuck like a mouse when stepped on.

Jiang Xingnan took the telescope and saw Fang Xinxin getting closer and closer to the artificial grass surface. He imagined that her shoes were stuck, squatting down to take them off, and then the hands and feet were stuck, like a mouse struggling on the sticky mouse board. But I can't take it off, the glue is glued...