Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 256

Chapter 256:

Fang Xinxin didn't stop for a while, I don't know if I didn't see it, or if it was lucky, he walked around the problematic grass.

Jiang Xingnan raised her lips in disdain.

This huge sticky mouse board would not allow her to escape.

Suddenly, Xu Liang didn't know where he came from, and rushed towards Fang Xinxin who was walking. Then, Dao Dao directly slammed her into the grassy surface in question.

Fang Xinxin had been prepared for a long time, she turned a little sideways and shook her feet. Instead of being knocked down, she was hooked by her genus Liang who had hit her, and she lay down on the giant sticky mouse board.

"Ah!" Yu Liang screamed, struggling to get up, but he didn't know that the entire two-square sticky mouse board was taken up by him.

I wanted to tear off the rubber sheet. The more I pulled it, the grass-like rubber sheet became more sticky and tighter. The glue stuck to his whole body.

"Brother Nan, help, I'm stuck!" Yu Liang screamed and wailed.

Fang Xinxin laughed unabashedly, "The'giant mouse' has become a human being, hahaha!"

"Fang Fat Po, don't be proud, I'm messing with Nan Ge, if you follow me, don't think about getting better!" Yu Liang said harshly.

"Cut!" Fang Xinxin sniffed, "Your brother Nan is not even a fart in my eyes."

With that, he pointed an upward **** toward a teaching building in the distance.

In front of the third-floor window of the teaching building, Jiang Xingnan, holding a binoculars and pretending to watch, saw Fang Xinxin's demonstration, darkening the young handsome face, "Fuck, Fang Xinxin, this stinky lady dare to despise labor and capital!"

A classmate of "Kacha Kacha" followed by raised his mobile phone and took many photos of Yu Liang's embarrassment.

"Don't take pictures, don't take pictures!" Yu Liang didn't want to be photographed in such a shameful situation. He curled up and refused to show his face. He threw himself on the ground, blocking him with a giant sticky block.

Unexpectedly, in the next instant, he struggling to get up, using all the strength of his body, he turned sideways and shouted, "Help...Help..."

"What's wrong, his situation is not right?" The classmates who watched the excitement came forward cautiously.

"The glue is stuck in my nostrils... I can't breathe, I'm almost suffocated!" Yu Liang's face flushed, and his mouth was closed when he spoke, and even his mouth was stuck with glue. Uhhhhh.

"It's going to kill!" The students didn't dare to just watch the excitement.

Several classmates wanted to help pull away the huge glue board on Yu Liang's body, but even they were glued together.

"Don't wipe your nose, lest your nostrils get muddy." Fang Xinxin said.

The few students who were stuck dare not speak out.

"Hurry up and call the teacher and let the teacher come..." A classmate took out his mobile phone.

"This will cause one brother to be punished, and one brother will be angry..."

"What should I do?" A girl was crying anxiously.

Fang Xinxin saw that Yu Liang was about to be suffocated to death. After all, he didn't want to kill a classmate, even though Jiang Xingnan did it.

So she yelled to Yu Liang, "Don't move!"

The voice was very shocking, and Yu Liang, who was still struggling, obeyed the command inexplicably.

She took out a pack of wet wipes bought at the commissary, wiped off the glue on Yu Liang's nostrils, and then wiped his nostrils with the cotton swab she just bought.

Seeing her serious look, Yu Liang suddenly felt that even though her face was covered with dense pimples, the expression in her eyes was exceptionally clear, like the stars in the sky.

Suddenly, a young heart was about to move, and the whole person was at a loss.