Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Xin's Fiance Is Him

Suddenly, she felt that even though her face was covered with dense acne, she had an inexplicable charm.

Suddenly, a young heart was about to move.

Fang Xinxin squeezed the used cotton swabs and wet wipes into a ball, reached out and threw it into the trash can 20 meters away, and the action was so handsome!

Yu Liang was taken aback, as if he had forgotten the glue he was wearing.

Jiang Xingnan, who observed something wrong here with a telescope, rushed over and criticized the situation, "Yu Liang, what's the matter with you? I asked you to push Fang Xinxin to roll into the mouse glue, why did you roll in by yourself?"

"Brother Nan, I..." Yu Liang looked at Fang Xinxin's expressionless face, suddenly feeling a little grateful that she didn't hurt her.

Fang Xinxin glanced at Jiang Xingnan's black face and praised the two words contemptuously, "Naive!"

"Who are you naive?" Jiang Xingnan was about to get angry, but she walked away, obviously too lazy to be familiar with him.

"Brother Nan, what should I do now, these glues can't be rip off..." Yu Liang almost cried.

Several other students who were glued up also asked for help.

Jiang Xingnan pointed to the artificial lake not far in front, "Everyone jumps in the lake to take a bath, and the glue melts when it meets water."

"I can't swim, can I go to the school bathroom to wash it?" a girl asked timidly.

"Nonsense, of course." Jiang Xingnan looked at the embarrassment of several people, "This young master does not harm the innocent. Each person receives 1,000 yuan in compensation."

Immediately someone cheered, "Long live brother!"

For some students, you must know that one thousand yuan is almost close to one month's living expenses.


Fang Xinxin finally reached the canteen safely.

During meal times, the school cafeteria was overcrowded.

From the moment she appeared, almost all the students in the cafeteria paid attention to her.

"Wow, Fang Xinxin, are you still alive?" Classmate Wu Jiatong looked at her incredulously.

"Look at the video and photos on the school forum. One brother, Fang Xinxin's "three rectifications", is really lucky to be able to live without any waves!"

All the students talked about her and talked about her.

No one asked her again, who is her fianc?

After swiping a meal card to make a meat and two vegetarian dishes, Fang Xinxin randomly found a place to sit down.

While eating, I used my mobile phone to log into the school forum, and I realized that the "adventure" process just now had been lost on the school forum.

Hundreds of ID accounts commented on Yu Liang's embarrassed and glued photos, saying that Yu Liang was the iron follower of the first brother, but he did not expect that the first brother would also miss.

Everyone speculated that Fang Xinxin would be worse off next.

Fang Xinxin curled the corners of her lips, indifferently.

I found another post. Someone posted anonymously, saying that Fang Xinxin's fiance was Ke Tianbao, the Emperor Kuo Shao, and also attached several photos of her meeting with Ke Tianbao in front of a villa in Qianshanwan.

Looking at this photo, Fang Xinxin remembered.

More than ten days ago, she went to Sun Zhiming's villa in Qianshanwan to talk to Mr. Abbott about the domestic agency rights of the game "Legend of Blood". Didn't Ke Tianbao live in that villa area?

She had met Ke Tianbao there, but the two didn't meet each other, they just happened to pass by just a meter away.

From the perspective of this photo...

But she and Ke Tianbao are standing opposite each other, as if dating.

[Although Ke Tianbao is one of the richest young men in the imperial capital, he is a famous playboy, and his girlfriend has changed dozens of names.