Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Qinghao Walked 20 Kilometers Before He Got The Signal 1

At the entrance of the dormitory, two desks are placed on the left and right against the wall respectively, and they are arranged horizontally, with a yellow bunk bed solid wood single bed on each side.

In the bedroom of the quadruple room, the desk is also divided into one for each person.

Fang Xinxins bed is in the lower bunk on the left, and his roommates are classmates Weng Jingke, Sun Jiamu, and Wu Jiatong.

Weng Jingke has dropped out of school, and the bed is temporarily vacant.

The other two roommates have not returned yet.

Fang Xinxin lay on her bunk, clicked on WeChat, and waited.

Sometimes, Bai Qinghao would send her a video chat.

Like Fang Manxue said before, he ignored her for more than ten days and it did not exist.

She often misses Bai Qinghao very much, but he has a special status, and it is not convenient for him to go out for tasks.

If one is careless, in case he is hiding in danger, but she passes over by video call and reveals his location, then it will be troublesome.

Therefore, for fear of disturbing him, she obediently waited for him to contact him.

A few days ago, he sent her a video at 6:10 in the afternoon. Maybe today too?

Looking at the time at the top of the phone screen, it was three seconds short of time.

Count three, two, one silently in my heart...

Sure enough, Bai Qinghao's WeChat box popped up the video.

After a beep, she immediately picked it up and saw Bai Qinghao at the end of the video.

He was dressed in military uniform, his cold face had an extremely tired look, but his eyes were awe-inspiring.

His tanned skin is not only not ugly, but also adds a mature and determined charm.

Look at the background, barren and crowded, he seems to be in the mountains and forests?

Fang Xinxin glanced at the trees behind him. They were...the only trees in the border defense area.

Why is he there?

Lead the team to catch the criminal group? Or something else...

Fang Xinxin knew she couldn't ask.

Through the video, Bai Qinghao stared at Fang Xinxin without blinking, and a smile came out from his thin lips, "Can't wait to be so fast, so miss me?",

Think of you beautifully. Originally wanted to stinks him.

She looked at his tired face, knowing that his commander's title was all martial arts, and she worked hard.

Seeing red blood in his eyes, he probably didn't sleep well for many days.

Moreover, the clothes on his body, through the video, I saw grass clippings and mud on the clothes...

Regardless of his usual deep cleanliness, he doesn't care about dirt when he arrives on the battlefield or the environment in which he is performing the mission.

It's just that when he can be in a clean and tidy environment, he will never wrong himself.

She looked at him distressedly and nodded slightly, "Yeah."

Bai Qinghao originally thought that she would die with a hard mouth, but unexpectedly confessed to him simply and straightforwardly. For a moment, he was taken aback.

A touch of ecstasy spread in my heart.

When he re-arranged the border this time, he not only took great pains to order and arrange, he even personally led the team along the sideline into the deep mountains and old forests where no one left.

On the one hand, the situation in the mountains and forests has been thoroughly explored, and some necessary precautions have been laid along the line.

Deep in the mountains and old forests, there are swamps, there are all kinds of snakes, insects, poisonous ants, jackals and so on.

What I eat is some special dry food, and the drinking water is temporary mountain spring water, or dew.

At night, the sky is the quilt and the ground is the bed.

The environment is not ordinary, and life is in danger at any time.

After a few days, a team of comrades were very tired, long-distance trekking arduously, without knowing how many blood blisters their feet were worn.

However, there has never been a warrior who cried bitterly.

Especially, this time, I encountered six criminals who committed crimes across the border...