Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Signal Is Only 20 Kilometers Away 2

There will be strict inspection measures when crossing the border in the formal way. Crossing deep mountains and old forests knowing that it is a risky behavior has still become the choice of some criminals.

Seeing the team he led, the six turned around and went into hiding, firing secret shots while we were not prepared.

Its fast speed and sophisticated equipment make it possible to kill people!

Fortunately, he personally led the team this time, and every soldier had experienced a lot of battles. After we dropped a smoke bomb, he quickly ambushed in all directions.

The other party is too familiar with the geographical location here, and it is a mercenary group with a higher level than the international first-class level.

We still spent a day and night fighting hard, wounding three people seriously and four people lightly before shooting down five people and capturing one alive.

Fortunately, this time it was the team that met his Bai Qinghao, known as the God of War, invincible.

If it is the ordinary army, I am afraid that it will suffer heavy casualties.

He has ordered helicopters to transport the wounded back to the city for treatment, and at the same time **** the criminals captured alive to trial.

The remaining 23 soldiers of the team, led by him, continue to complete the deep forest platooning and defense tasks.

There is basically no signal in this area. Bai Qinghao is the master and cannot leave the team without authorization.

Looking at the map, there is an auxiliary line. After reading the information, he knows that there is a base station signal on a hillside on the auxiliary line.

Therefore, after ordering 21 fighters to continue on the main line, he led the two fighters to walk a zigzag auxiliary line and circled the mountain road for 20 kilometers before finding the source of the **** top of the auxiliary line.

A 20-kilometer mountain road is not the same as flat ground. Overcoming mountains and ridges and muddy potholes will consume more energy, at least equivalent to running hundreds of kilometers on flat ground.

In fact, this auxiliary line was recorded a few years ago, but it is not very clear.

Can come, can't come.

In order to communicate with Fang Xinxin the last time, looking at her, Bai Qinghao still chose the latter without hesitation.

As for the two soldiers he brought with him, they were his close guards.

They have to be where he is.

Their only task is to protect him comprehensively.

Seeing Fang Xinxin's longing eyes at the end of the video, Bai Qinghao felt that all the exhaustion and exhaustion were wiped out, "Did you go to school?"

Her background shows that she is in the school dormitory.

"I want to study hard," she said with a smile.

"Okay." The cold male voice was concise and concise, but revealed deep affection.

"Bai Qinghao...show me your feet." At the end of the WeChat box, Fang Xinxin suddenly asked.

His resolute face looked icy, and his rare gentle eyes condensed, "It's very dirty, nothing to look at."

Rejected sternly, thinking she would not entangle.

Unexpectedly, Fang Xinxin at the end of the video suddenly squatted her mouth, whispering inwardly, "Sir, good deed, show me this baby!"

Bai Qinghao was stunned again, is she acting like a baby at him?

A sweet taste spread in his heart.

He found his cold heart softened.

But I can't show it to her.

"No." Still seriously refused.

On the bed of a certain dormitory of Jinghua University, Fang Xinxin looked at the fiance who was deliberately stern in the video, and suddenly blinked at him, "Handsome man, should I really take a look?"

This time, he was expressionless and didn't respond even a word.

Fang Xinxin of the previous life may have no choice with Bai Qinghao.

just now

She stood up, took her mobile phone, and walked to the balcony of the bedroom. The camera port of the video raised her head outwards, "You won't show it to me? I just jumped off."