Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Blood Bubble

"Dare you!" Bai Qinghao's cold voice suddenly shouted, his tone hard to hide nervousness.

Fang Xinxin put one leg on the balcony railing, "Do you think I dare? Did Commander Bai think that this is the second floor, so he can't kill anyone by jumping down?"

In fact, at the height of the second floor, she has supernatural powers, so she must be fine.

However, Bai Qinghao didn't know this.

"Don't be fooling around, you will get hurt!" He frowned nervously.

He would rather be stabbed ten times than to put an end to the possibility of her being injured.

"I'm jumping..." She continued to climb over.

"Let me show you!" At the other end of the video, Bai Qinghao's stern face appeared helpless.

Fang Xinxin saw a classmate on the first floor looking up at the balcony where she was standing on the second floor, so she walked back to the bedroom.

Watching Bai Qinghao take off his army boots at the end of the video, the socks on his big feet were actually wet.

Looking at the background he is in now, you don't need to think about it, you know that it is too hard for hiking, blood vesicles on his feet are rotten, soaking socks.

"Take off the socks too." She ordered strongly.

He didn't use it for half a second, and directly removed the sock. The blood bubble on his foot had long been stuck with the sock. This removal caused the blood bubble to burst.

As if he didn't know it was painful, his deep, ice-like eyes stared at her at the end of the video.

Time is limited, just want to look at her more.

She looked at the hurt on his foot and felt distressed, "You refused to show me your foot because I was afraid that I would feel bad. Fool..."

If anyone dared to throw the word "fool" off Bai Qinghao, he would definitely be shot!

Coming out of her mouth, looking at her worried eyes, his hard heart was rippling with it, and he almost turned soft for her.

He was not afraid that she was worried at first, but that she was Miss Jin Jin, and probably had never seen a **** appearance, for fear of scaring her.

After all, she used to hate him so much, how could she care about him.

Unexpectedly, a few blood blisters exchanged her distressed eyes.

This injury is nothing to him.

If I knew it earlier, I would grind a few more blood bubbles out.

"Are you injured anywhere else?" She continued to ask caringly, "Have you encountered any bad people?"

"I'm fine. Encountered and processed."

"It's fine." Her tense nerves relaxed slightly.

Like border areas, it must be desperadoes to meet bad people in the deep mountains and old forests of no man's land.

He said so easily, he didn't want to add her worry.

Although she was very worried about him, she was satisfied when she saw him alive, "Put some medicine on the injury on your foot. Don't hurt yourself again, okay?"

"Okay." Being cared by her, his hard as ice heart was already surrounded by her gentleness, and he was willing to do anything for her.

He really wanted to grow a pair of wings right now and fly to her.

No matter what, nothing, as long as you can meet her and hold her in your arms!

But the reality is not allowed.

He is a soldier who has duties and takes the safety of the country as his own responsibility.

No worries will be left after the mission.

"Commander, you have exceeded the expected stay time for ten minutes. We must hurry, otherwise, we will delay the meeting with the main line team." Guard Liu Li appeared behind him with a respectful voice.

Fang Xinxin heard what Liu Li said to Bai Qinghao at this end of the video.

Unexpectedly, Bai Qinghao would delay her trip. In such a place, it would be dangerous to leave one more second!