Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Ask Manxue For Forgiveness

"Oh." Zhu Qian started gossip on the other end of the phone, "By the way, Fang Xinxin, your fiance is so mysterious. I took him money and only saw the people he sent. It turned out to be Ke Tianbao, the Imperial Capital. The person Ke Tianbao is rich and rich, he is particularly careless, you should be careful..."

Sun Jiamu took the phone back from Fang Xinxin's hand, "Zhu Qian, there is still something on my side, let's talk later."

After all, hung up the phone.

The words of Zhu Qian just now were heard clearly in the hands-free voice.

Wu Jiatong cast a contemptuous look at Fang Manxue, "Fang Manxue, aren't you a goddess? Are you embarrassed to lie?"

"Who knows if Zhu Qian was bought by Fang Xinxin..." Fang Manxue still wanted to beat her to death.

Sun Jiamu said, "Come on, Fang Manxue, don't insult Zhu Qian's character. She is the squad leader and never lies. Besides, Fang Xinxin's fiance sent a man named Liu Li to the Zhu Qianqian, asked her to vacate the bedroom, and I was next to me. Originally, I didnt know Fang Xinxin and didnt want to worry about your nostalgia, but I have never seen you open your eyes and talk nonsense with a shameless expression. ."

After a pause, he shook his head, "You are still Fang Xinxin's second sister, tsk, whoever has your second sister, it's almost **** for eight lifetimes!"

Fang Manxue knew no one would believe no matter how sophisticated, her face was embarrassed and ugly.

Lou Yuna stared in disbelief and exclaimed, "Man Xue...I didn't expect you to lie!"

Fang Manxue had to make things smaller, "I'm just kidding, who knew you were so serious!"

Fang Xinxin helped her speak very much, "Everyone, my second sister just likes to be a **** and has to set up an archway. Forgive me."

Fang Manxue's eyes were full of anger, and her eyes were almost out of her sockets, "Who do you mean, son!"

"Of course it's your second sister."

Man Xue was so angry that he wanted to incite Fang Xinxin to slap Fang Xinxin, but Fang Xinxin was very fat, and the other girls didnt help her. She was afraid that she would lose her hands, so she had to grit her teeth, "Fang Xinxin, you insult me so much, you will regret it. !"

Throwing a word, she walked past Sun Jiamu who was in the middle of the bedroom door, and walked away angrily.

Lou Yuna is a good friend of Man Xue. Even if she is wrong, she still wants to use her to get the light of Commander Bai. She warned, "Man Xue is Commander Bai's fiance. Offended her. The three of you can't eat. Go! Think about Weng Jingke's fate."

After all, he pretended to go away.

When Sun Jiamu and Wu Jiatong heard the words, their faces paled.

Wu Jiatong glared at Fang Xinxin with an annoyed look, complaining, "Weng Jingke herself dropped out of school. Her family is a medium-sized enterprise and fell overnight. If you knew it would not involve you, even if you knew that your second sister was going to pretend to be an archway bitch. So what? Whoever made her be Bai Qinghao's fiance, she has the capital to do whatever she wants. I was really hurt by you!"

He looked at Sun Jiamu in a panic, "I'm fine, after all, I didn't help Fang Xinxin just now, but you... directly dismantled Fang Manxue's platform. If the Bai family picks up your house..."

Sun Jiamu whispered, "Don't say it, it may not be worth it."

"Why not?" Wu Jiatong was worried, "I have secret news. The Weng family did not dare to offend the Bai family. The reason for the downfall is that Weng Jingke offended Commander Bai's fiance and made the Weng family tired. Think about it. , Commander Bai spoils his fianc so much, can your grandson have a way to survive? You hurried to intercede with Fang Manxue and beg her for forgiveness. Maybe there is still room for change."

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