Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Mother Is Not Afraid Of Going To The Grave

The same went to the rooms of Long Shuhai and Fang Manxue, with the same result.

In a normal person's room, how can you not find a hair of the room owner?

This is not the first time Fang Xinxin has entered the room of these three people to look for hair, saliva, or blood.

The purpose of course is to do a paternity test and manage the relationship between family members.

But every time, it was empty.

The rooms of the three people are so clean that all traces are cleaned up. Obviously, it is to prevent her deliberately?

The more you guard against it, the more you know there is a ghost.

Fang Xinxin curled her lips coldly, thinking that she couldn't help it?

No one knew she had supernatural powers.

She decided not to do it quietly, and went invisible to pull the hair of three people, which was also simple.

Thinking of this, he turned and walked downstairs.

At this time, the mobile phone in her pocket rang, and she was still in Fang Lilan's room. After looking at the caller ID, Fang Lilan was calling.

Mute is pressed, but no answer.

Quickly walked out of the stairs on the third floor and found Fang Lilan was talking to Fang's servant Qiu Sao on the corridor on the second floor.

"Where is Xinxin?" Fang Lilan asked.

"She entered the room on the second floor and never came out." Said Qiu, who had been watching.

Fang Lilan walked to the door of one of the rooms on the second floor and knocked on the door, "Xinxin, are you in it? Why don't you answer the phone?"

Fang Xinxin disappeared and quickly went down to the second floor, walking past Fang Lilan silently.

Fang Lilan suddenly felt that someone was walking by, turned around to look, but saw nothing, "Sister Qiu, were you behind me just now?"

"No." Sister Qiu was ten steps away from her, "I have been standing here, never approaching you."

"It's weird, I always feel like someone is around." Fang Lilan muttered.

Fang Xinxin didn't expect Fang Lilan to be such a vigilant person, even she could be aware of her invisibility.

So, she stood in front of Fang Lilan and blew a breath of cold to the back of her neck.

Fang Lilan suddenly felt aroused, her scalp numb, and she screamed in horror, "Ah!"

"Madam, what's the matter with you!" Qiu's wife hurried over with concern.

"Someone is blowing into the back of my neck..." Fang Lilan's face was pale.

Sister Qiu looked from left to right, "No one was found."

At this time, a cool wind blew in from the open windows of the corridor on the second floor, "It's the wind coming in. Madam, I think you are too tired during this time, too nervous."

"Maybe." Fang Lilan patted her chest in shock.

Fang Xinxin, who was invisible and carefully observing Fang Lilan's reaction, had a calm face.

She remembered a memory from a long time ago.

At that time, she was about eight or nine years old. At midnight, her mother drove her to a cemetery in the suburbs.

"Mom, why did we come to the cemetery in the middle of the night?" She was puzzled at the time.

The mother looked at her with gentle eyes and replied, "Because your grandpa and grandma are buried in the cemetery. Mom misses them, so come and see them."

She looked at the large tomb mountain at the time and grabbed her mother's hand tightly.

Mother squatted down and hugged her, "Be good, Xinxin, mother will protect you. Remember, there are no ghosts in the world. Even if there are ghosts, you don't do bad things in your life, and you are not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night. Mom takes you to practice your courage. We burned the paper money for grandpa and grandma, and then went home."